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In the polyolefin plastic compound with technology

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
For polyolefin plastic injection products processing, especially civil film, containers and antistatic electronic product packaging plastic products processing, usually by adding non-ionic surfactant based composite antistatic agent. In order to examine this class of compound the antistatic performance, we showed by experiment, with common alkyl ethoxy amine and synergistic agent with different mix proportion, add distribution in HDPE material, which is blown film forming after testing the surface resistance with single components can not meet the need of antistatic effect, when using a percentage of the distribution of content, good antistatic effect can be achieved.

with ABS, PC plastic glass transition temperature significantly more than the normal temperature, at room temperature in the frozen state, so the antistatic agent from the plastic inside to the outside surface of the migration velocity is relatively slow. The antistatic performance of products along with the increase of storage time increased, the store showed excellent antistatic effect after 23 days. Since joined the bromine flame retardants, the dosage of the antistatic agent in the formula is slightly larger than a single usage of antistatic agent.

similar to polyethylene, polypropylene antistatic agent, also USES the hydroxyl ethyl fatty amine non-ionic surfactant and its distribution. Using non-ionic hydroxyethyl fatty amine and anionic fatty group sulfonate compound recipe, by adopting the combination of the two kinds of surfactant reason: nonionic hydroxyethyl amine fat has good compatibility with polypropylene and antistatic effect is general, anionic sulfonate and the compatibility of polypropylene is bad, but it has good compatibility with hydroxyethyl amine fat, antistatic effect is better also, the combination, increased the antistatic ability of migration, achieved excellent antistatic effect.

the current domestic commonly used the S type antistatic agent is KKD series for anionic groups of quaternary ammonium salt by CL4 surfactant absorption agent, special non-ionic surface active agent and synergistic agent as auxiliary agent composed of composite antistatic agent, using perchloric acid root anionic group, make the antistatic agent in PVC material gain excellent thermal stability and antistatic property, to join the non-ionic surface active agent and synergistic agent can not only strengthen antistatic agent molecules in PVC material inside to the outside surface of capacity, while they themselves are good antistatic performance additives. S type antistatic agent not only can be used in all kinds of soft and hard PVC material, but also can be used in all kinds of synthetic rubber, polyurethane, epoxy coatings and polyurethane coatings.

due to the limitation of PVC material itself molecular polarity, in PVC plastic special antistatic agent is not commonly used in injection molding products processing of quaternary ammonium salt type cationic surface active agent, although this kind of surfactants in PVC material with excellent antistatic properties, but in terms of thermal stability than other surfactants. In order to meet the requirements of PVC material heat-resisting performance, choose the appropriate quaternary ammonium salt anionic group is particularly important, this is because of this kind of compound thermal stability depends largely on its anion groups.

with the rapid development of plastic industry, plastic antistatic agent will increasingly widely, therefore, perfecting the existing varieties of antistatic agent, antistatic agent, on the basis of mechanism, vigorously develop new chemical structure of antistatic of new product development work, and to strengthen the studies of antistatic agent compound technology, screening and plastic material compatibility is moderate, and has better durability, injection molding processing performance of composite antistatic agent new varieties to meet market demand.

more refer to: the use of antistatic agent and the antistatic agent distribution technology, directly click.
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