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Injection mold design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Plunger type injection mould, need a special hydraulic press. This hydraulic clamping and forming two hydraulic cylinders, therefore, when choosing equipment from injection molding processing molding and clamping considering two aspects. Injection mold structure including cavity, feed room, pouring system, steering mechanism, side core-pulling mechanism, launch institutions, heating system and so on seven parts, injection mould structure design principle and basic similar injection mold, compression mold.

due to plastic heated evenly, cross-linking hardening fully, thus improved the mechanical properties of plastic, the plastic strength, mechanical properties and electric properties are improved. The size of the plastic height direction accuracy is higher, the flash is very thin. Due to plastic to molten state pressure into the cavity, thus to slim core, insert the extrusion pressure is smaller than compression molding. General compression molding can be in the vertical direction of deep hole diameter is not more than three times its size, side hole depth is not greater than 1. Five times the diameter size, and injection molding molding deep hole size is not more than 10 times the diameter of hole, no more than three times the diameter of blind hole.

special pressure machine has two main and auxiliary hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder hydraulic cylinder, master cylinder clamping effect, auxiliary cylinder pressure into the forming effect, the mold can be either single cavity, can also be more than a mold cavity. Injection mould must be assembled on the hydraulic press for injection molding work, therefore, when designing the mold must understand hydraulic technical specifications and performance, so as to make the mould smoothly installed on the device. Choosing hydraulic press, we should check of various process parameters.

because of pouring system setting, so more plastic consumption, especially for the small plastic parts. General phenolic plastic compression molding shrinkage ratio of 0. 8%, but injection molding shrinkage rate is 0. 9% - 1%. Directional shrinkage rate, this is due to the material flow in the pressure under the action of directional, so will affect the precision of plastic parts, but to use powder filler filled plastics has little impact.

phenolic plastics molding pressure of 50 - 80 mpa, fiber packing plastic molding pressure is 80 - 120 mpa, such as epoxy resin, silicone wrap in plastic molding pressure for 2 - 10 mpa, also considering the complexity of the molding operation and higher manufacturing costs, therefore, cannot be achieved only by compression molding with injection molding requirements. According to the type of compressor and its operation method are the same, pressure injection molding can be divided into ordinary hydraulic pressure injection molding and injection mould for the special hydraulic machine.

plastic in the charging chamber is heated first, and then the plastic high-speed through the gating system was into cavity, so the unfinished of all plastic, plastic pouring system with high temperature in contact, make plastic heat quickly and evenly. At the same time, the liquid in through the narrow parts of the gating system absorbing frictional heat makes the temperature rise further, this is good for injection molding processing parts within the cavity decreases hardening rapid hardening time, so the injection molding of a third of the hardening time of compression molding - 1/5.

common hydraulic press in the injection molding pressure into mobile pressure injection molding and the fixed mould, special hydraulic press in the injection molding pressure is divided into the upper chamber under fixed pressure injection molding and chamber of feeding, the fixed mould. Die mold according to the characteristics of the feed chamber can be divided into the tank pressure injection molding, injection molding and the plunger pressure tank pressure injection molding using ordinary press molding, plunger type pressure molding with special pressure injection molding machine. Compared with tank pressure injection molding, the plunger pressure injection molding not mainstream way, only the shunt, mainstream way into cylindrical loading chamber, and distributary channel are interlinked. Molding, the extrusion pressure imposed by the plunger can't afford to mould clamping, therefore, need to use special pressure machine.

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