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Injection molding processing AIDS market analysis

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing aid is a kind of can improve the plastic processing performance and the use of additives, the performance of our plastic processing additives industry since the 50 s at first, the development so far has considerable scale, with the development of our petrochemical industry and plastic industry, the future development prospect is broad.

the development of the plasticizer abroad developed areas with a focus on the development, produce more plasticizer with special properties and USES, and further perfect the production process. Japan development and increasing the production of mixed alcohol esters plasticizer, suitable for food packaging, etc, the use of ruling, no smell of plasticizer.

due to the requirements of environmental protection to reduce toxicity of flame retardants used halogen-free flame retardants market will increase. Phosphorus-containing flame retardant features a flame retardant and plasticizing dual function, and the toxic gas and corrosive gas less than phosphorus-containing flame retardants. On craft, without catalyst has been abolished in the current process, there are only acidic catalyst and acid catalyst system. The use of acidic catalyst technology represents a new development direction. Phosphorus-containing flame retardant and the compatibility of resin is good, can keep the transparency of the resin, its development has high function, high added value, and began to the original polypropylene, phosphorus-containing flame retardants have been used to achieve no halide.

phenolic antioxidants is no pollution, no antioxidant of all polychromasia good category. Hindered phenol is the mainstream market, polymerized and reaction of hindered phenolic antioxidants varieties development is very active in recent years. In addition, comply with the performance of recycled plastics and engineering plastics processing application requirements. Quantitative, heat-resistant polymer stabilization has become a world antioxidants varieties developed a trend. Recently, sulfur relatively slow development of antioxidant, traditional product glucosinolates propionic acid esters are still dominant sulphur class antioxidant application market. Polymer quantitative and functional varieties of development as the main development direction of sulfur class antioxidant.

the use amount of antistatic agent has been steadily growing, many parts of the antistatic agent in the condition of existing products and the market requirement. So the development trend of the antistatic agent is durable, heat resistant, functional, flame retardancy and transparency, and other performance, widely applicable and variety series.

in addition to the above said additives, there are some new features of fertilizer and gradually form the size of the market. Plastic products efficacy of play without functional additives added, fertilizer industry technology and the improvement of production to a great extent, promote the development of plastics industry. At the same time, with the development of plastic industry, due to the improvement of injection molding processing technology and using the environment for its transformation of the performance requirements of fertilizer varieties performance requirements, demand increases gradually, the fertilizer industry progress.

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