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Injection molding processing and mold temperature control system

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Many plastic mold type and structure form, design of die according to the specific situation, combined with the actual production conditions, the integrated use of mould design basic principle and basic methods, design a reasonable economic plastic mold. Mold design specification is usually composed of plastic molding engineer according to the specification of molding plastic parts, mold designers to injection molding processing plant parts specification, mold design specification as the basis to design the mold.

the compressed air system is cooling medium for air cooling system, the need to use air compressor and compressed air loop and ancillary facilities, the compressed air into the mold, and the mold cooling. For the high demand of mold, mold temperature must be strictly controlled, so you need to provide mould temperature controller, in order to calibrate mould precise control. When mould temperature exceed the prescribed temperature, mould temperature controller is close the heating system, and open the cooling system, or increase the intensity of cooling, make mold temperature drops to the specified temperature.

mould parts material selection principle is: the general direct contact with plastic parts can choose material molding parts, other parts of material, according to the situation or molding parts material to choose, or according to the general mechanical parts material to choose, use more material is 45 steel. At the same time of design, want to consider the feasibility of processing of mould. Stamping production batch, mould life and reliability, the automation of the intensity of labor, mould.

when the mold temperature is lower than the specified temperature, mould temperature controller and then open the heating system, and close the cooling system, mold temperature rise to a specified value. For at the end of the injection molding and pressure, fast cooling mould, make rapid cooling to finalize the design parts, meet the performance requirements, improve production efficiency and some of the injection molding method has strict requirements on molding cycle, can be used in a special mould rapid cooling machine, increase the intensity of cooling, in a short period of time will parts cooled to the prescribed temperature.

production mold, if certain specifications often use some of the mould parts, but not standard parts, can be determined according to experience and internal mold standard parts, generally applies only to the enterprise, so called experience standard parts enterprises, the enterprise experience using standard parts, could also benefit from a certain extent, improve business efficiency. Different role of the surface of the molded parts have different requirements. Molding surface, cooperate with the surface, such as datum typically have relatively small surface roughness.

peripheral facility is mainly used in the mold temperature control system to ensure the normal work of the temperature control system, in the service of mould temperature control system, can be regarded as a kind of injection molding machine accessory device. The circulating cooling water tower through the mold to cooling towers in cooling water circulation cooling, cooling, and then to mould and cooling, it is especially important for large mould. In addition, can also save water, make water is repeatedly used. With hot water, hot oil or water vapor heating device and water-cooling device basic same, for steam, hot water or hot oil source factory, mould heating can also use the heat source.

the mold in addition to consider the key dimensions such as plastic injection parts molding processing, as well as the size of an important concept, is the mould in the size of the association. For example, the top rod length and the height of core, foot height, the size of the ejector plate thickness is associated. So in the design of this kind of size, must pay attention to the association to ensure that relations between them. For tolerance, as far as possible according to the tolerance table to choose, so that we can ensure interchangeability. If cooperate with belong to the fixed connection, can use transition fit or parts to cooperate.

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