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Injection molding processing and product application design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The modelling of different molding process, injection molding products processing design, size and precision control and the performance of the products. The parison stretch blow molding technology and derived extrusion stretch blow molding and injection stretch blow molding two process. After stretch blow molding process of plastic bottles. Can obviously improve the various properties of the bottle, such as impact toughness, rigidity, transparency, barrier property, etc. , which is becoming more and more common in this application process in the production of plastic bottles. Multi-layer co-extrusion blow molding process is usually in order to improve the barrier property of the product, extend the service life of built-in objects.

car requires high speed, the shape of the body need to be designed to streamline, interior layout should be safety, compact and comfortable. Sightseeing bus should be designed to be tall gorgeous appearance, spacious and comfortable interior layout. This example, the use function of car is different, modelling image also have very big difference. Material is the material basis for the product form design to realize the function, so the whole process of product design also includes material design and process design.

transparency can increase the value of the packaged goods, let the consumer can be observed visually built-in, stimulate the purchase desire. Easy to deterioration caused by sunlight, and sensitivity to packaging, to avoid light containers for design. Barrier property is the basic requirement of a lot of packaging items for plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are basically USES is blow molding process, which can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection molding.

container is a plastic packaging materials in addition to the packaging film of another kind of important form. Container, the concept of general can be a one-time molding container. Usually smaller containers in food, beverage, personal care products as the main consumer market. Bottles are usually refers to the volume in dozens of ml to several liters, with a long thin neck and neck size much smaller than the bottle size of container. Slender neck design, is advantageous to the dumping of drinks, food and other liquid, and conducive to affix a seal in the neck. The neck diameter greater than 40 mm bottle, also known as the jar.

plastic bottles are widely used for holding various kinds of food, beverage and cosmetics, wash clean, etc. Plastic bottle in the light of the different nature of built-in objects, specific requirements are different. Most plastic bottles have a vertical drop not disintegrate in terms of performance requirements, including the room temperature and low temperature condition, such as PET bottle, required at room temperature by 2 m vertical drop test. Plastic bottle the first thing to bear the brunt of the built-in objects for bottles without deformation. Secondly plastic bottle filling has to withstand the pressure and pressure from gland body.

product design requires innovation, process innovation is often a discovery of function, the design function. Analysis of product function, is to seize the essence, conceive a good design, and function - Can cost design, namely the product at the lowest cost of production to achieve the basic function and the steps necessary to reflect economy. Function has a decisive influence on the image of the product, the injection processing product appearance design should be able to reflect the functional characteristics of the product.

plastic bottles containing carbonated soft drinks are also subject to the internal pressure of the gas. The change of the internal pressure, often bolstered insufficient rigidity of the bottle. Based on the built-in biochemistry shape is different, chemical resistance have different connotations. Many food and beverage is sensitive to oxygen demand in 80 - Under the condition of 100 ℃ hot filling, or cooking under 120 ℃. Some chemicals to hot filling, and some food such as milk, beverage, edible after heating.

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