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Injection molding processing factories and demoulding mechanism

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Using fixed die push board cut point gate coagulation is expected to open mold, the first is the template with the die plate parting, gating system setting is expected to move servo module, when the mainstream way setting material after complete withdrawal from fixed template, mobile banking pin to limit push plate, mold from pushing plate and cavity plate between parting, gating system setting materials and injection molding processing parts is pulled off automatically, the cutoff point gate setting material structure can also be used for single point gate feeding mold cavity.

the principle of fixed mold ejection mechanism and general dynamic model of the ejector institutions are similar, but due to the mold is fixed, injection molding machine plunger can not directly promote the ejection device, so you must use open mold force or other forces to complete ejection action. Double ejector institutions, demoulding mechanism sequence classification, some applicable to mold ejection mechanism, especially the distance parting taut institutions is complete set mold parts classification of effective device first.

using the pull rod to break point gate setting material is to use the port to pull rod cutoff point setting material structure. Mould gating system when setting material in the runner and gating system cut off and stay fixed mold side, after being separated from a distance, limit nail driven flow will push plate setting gating system is expected to take off. Continue to open mold cavity plate is hampered by limit lever and unable to move, follow-up model core moving parts, from the cavity plate, in the end the push plate under the action of plunger parts will be out.

gating system to stay moving mould parts or the activities of the fixed mold, with convenient hernia. Most common gating system is the single parting surface double plate mold, while point gate, the latent type gate is double three board mould parting surface. Side gate, sprue and direct offer ring gate type of mould, casting system setting material together with parts, mould parts, use first pull hook pulls cold material, setting the gating system is expected to stay in dynamic model, and then use port plunger or pull rod ejection. General gating system setting material by weight loss.

point gate type gating system of out - coagulation Point gate in the mold of the mould part, in order to gating system setting out, want to add a parting surface, therefore is also called three plate mold. Point gate type gating system setting material artificial, is commonly used in manipulator, the mould structure is simple, but the production efficiency is low, the labor intensity is big. In order to adapt to the needs of automated production, mold structure can be counted on to remove pouring system setting material automatically.

when the pull force is bigger, can be in the form of retractor is placed tight. When the parts have some special requirements or due to the shape restriction, stranded in the open mold after requires mold side, parts of ejection device must be set in the fixed mold, this mold structure will become complex, even for a single modes, also often require two parting surface. Design and ejection mechanism of the key lies in how to open out parts in a given movement transmission mode, so that these parts mould opening along the direction of movement, eventually make parts out mode.

using lateral concave snap point gate setting material is using lateral concave and center push rod pouring system setting out the structure of the material. Drill a hole in the end of the shunt way, when open mould gating system setting is restricted by the condensation of inclined hole material, at the gate and the broken parts, and then by the mainstream way of cold cave back taper hook gating system setting out of the hole, and then by the center top the peak of the gating system setting. Can only be installed in the form of mould for the center pole with a hole injection processing equipment used.

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