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Injection molding processing factory workshop management

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing factory workshop production management is a system engineering, if the management does not reach the designated position, can appear the production efficiency is low, defective rate is out of control, raw material loss, the regular batch scrap or customer returns, mold problems affect the normal production, can't timely delivery and production safety accidents and so on. Japan said a injection molding industry & other; Injection molding factory can make money, in fact, is the production process control and management, management in place, injection molding machine is printing presses, if management does not reach the designated position, injection molding machine is burning money machine & throughout; 。 “ Through management efficiency & throughout; In the injection molding factory effect is very obvious.

modern injection molding production enterprises are from the labor-intensive to technology-intensive, towards automation by manual mill production mode. However, the current domestic many enterprises is still in molding production & other; Inefficient, high cost and poor quality & throughout; The backward production management mode, used to follow & other; Question & throughout; Running behind, has become the development of the enterprise & other; Bottleneck & throughout; 。 Injection molding processing enterprises management involves a wide range of knowledge to the performance of plastic raw materials, product structure, mould structure and injection molding machine, injection molding process adjustment performance, plastic additives ( Color) , plastic products performance test, engineering, quality management, injection molded parts management, workshop management, and production safety aspects of knowledge.

no quantitative management data, order has been delivery? How much inventory finished goods and wip? How much is the daily production quantity? Raw material consumption? There are many raw materials inventory? How much is the proportion of all kinds of bad product? How much is this month amount should be settled with the customer? What is the cost of the products? And so on, the enterprise managers is not clear, or spend a lot of artificial to statistical analysis, the data is not accurate.

injection enterprise current management status of already can't meet the objective demand of market globalization, is time to change. How to build advanced injection molding production management mode, improve enterprise core competitiveness, the best opportunity to meet China's manufacturing industry development, is the domestic injection molding business operators must face the problem! Improve enterprise management level, the management need to be solved what is the problem? Here in this paper, the molding enterprise management goals.

plastic injection processing plant is closely related with the mould industry. Injection molding production efficiency and quality and tooling are closely linked. The quality and efficiency of more than 80% of the associated with mold. Actually injection enterprise ability of engineering services mainly for mould; With the ability of management and maintenance, followed by injection molding process and understand the performance of resin. Upstream customers implement JlT production mode, will risk shifting to the injection and other supporting enterprises. Have to do the right amount of inventory to meet customer delivery requirements, as well as chamber system risk, avoid business get into trouble. Improve the management risk control ability is the precondition of injection molding enterprise healthy growth. Management information system (

Tools) The application of advanced information management system is to help enterprises to establish a very effective tool and guarantee of management system, management system will urge and follow up the implementation of processes and standards, and to provide a large amount of data provide support for management improvement. Implement & other; Digital management & throughout; Mode. Many injection molding processing while establishing the IS09000 management system, but due to lack of necessary quantitative management data base, the results into a form or decoration.

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