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Injection molding processing industry of the future, the trend of the unmanned workshop

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
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at present, some manufacturers began to a large number of domestic introduction of automated production equipment, technology, send a message to industry: the concept of intelligent approach to production is awakening, and enter into rising channel. Automation of introducing for intelligent robot, and the development of the industry have played a motivated and exemplary role. The role will greatly promote the development of domestic robot industry.

as the change of economic environment at home and abroad, the current Chinese manufacturing is facing unprecedented challenges. In order to adapt to market competition intensifying, in recent years, China's manufacturing industry is undergoing an important shift, with the mass production of the enterprise to the flexible production shift according to the market or customer requirements, design and control system independently to design and control system integration, predictably these changes would promote the development and application of automation technology entered a new stage of development.

intelligent is the development direction of the future manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing technology is in the modern sensor technology, network technology, automation technology, anthropomorphic intelligent technology, etc, on the basis of advanced technology, through perception, human-computer interaction, intelligent decision-making and implementation technology, the realization of the design process, manufacturing process and manufacturing equipment intellectualization, is information technology and intelligent technology and equipment manufacturing process technology the depth of the fusion and integration. Expert system technology can be used in engineering design, process design, production scheduling, fault diagnosis, etc. Can also be neural networks and fuzzy control technology and other advanced computer intelligent methods applied to product formula, production scheduling, etc. , realize intelligent manufacturing process.

create plastics machinery industry in China & other; Unmanned & throughout;
China plastics machinery industry after years of development, initially formed a relatively concentrated production cluster. Mainly distributed in the bohai sea, the Yangtze river triangle with three big pearl river delta region. Into the 21st century, China plastics machinery industry has been maintained rapid development, is one of the fastest growing industries, the main economic indicators in the forefront of the national machinery industry.

in recent years, China plastic machinery industry by introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced manufacturing technology, the speed of new products, new technology development point of view. In the future, the plastic machinery industry product development mainly around a few more of the following:

miniaturization is an important development direction of various kinds of products in the future, more market demand, the current in the electronic, information, electronics, medical and biological department has shown significant momentum is one example. If use to replace human vascular diameter less than 0. 5 mm plastic pipe production equipment, some countries have in development.

plastic machinery for a long time of aircraft, functional specifications of the uniform with fixed already cannot satisfy the market demand. Customer for the production of plastic products with business requirements often change effective investment, need plastic machinery industry for its gives the ability to adapt the market of plastic machinery and equipment; Another Angle with the commercial development of industrialization of rapid evolution, mass with mass production and manufacturing must rule.

the development of the automation and intelligent plastic machinery products, will significantly improve the running stability and reliability of plastic machinery, effectively improve plastics machinery of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption production function, and to complete the factory unmanned workshop, no one to give a solid technical foundation.

the future manufacturing industry is the integration of advanced scientific and technological achievements, including smart software, new materials, new technology of robots, robot, process, especially the digital overall technical solutions. Batches with the production of a small amount of declining the cost of the product, the future of the factory will focus on mass consumer custom product order processing. And manufacturing digital will make factory technical training more simple, students can be simulated in computer virtual environment design and production of products.

the future factory in manufacturing manpower will be less and less, & other; No one factory & throughout; The installation has all the features automatically switch machining tools. From processing components to assembly to a final product inspection, can in no case automatically. This success will further speed up the whole manufacturing & other Factory automation & throughout; Process. No one factory can be liberated people completely, but also to improve productivity by a decade or two times. No one factory is a development direction of manufacturing factory in the future.

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