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Injection molding processing mold demoulding mechanism

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Eight rocker secondary ejector demoulding mechanism is the use of eight pendulum rod to complete secondary ejection mechanism. Parts for the hood shape, with a flange, inner cavity have larger convex rib. Top cavity with the long plunger, fixed in an ejector plate, top with short plunger parts is fixed at the top of the second board, in an ejector plate and the second ejection plate parts as spacer block is fixed in an ejector plate. The open mold, injection molding processing equipment out the peak of an ejector plate, through distance make secondary ejection plate roof moving parts, at the same rate when the cavity and movement and from dynamic model of the core parts, complete an ejection.

in the demoulding mechanism, the main parts is the push plate and the push rod, and push the plate thickness, the determination of push rod diameter, length and design of the key. If the ejector plate and dynamic molding with spring, and the total length of the plunger and spring height compressed. The stress state of push board can be simplified as the mechanical model of circular plate the perimeter with concentrated load, maximum deflection at the center of the plate. Cross section is rectangular or circular demoulding parts, the stress state of push board can be simplified as the middle beam with concentrated load on the mechanical model, the maximum deflection at the center of the plate.

ball type a stripper on top of ejection system (plates, parts out of the core parts at this time there is still a part in pushing plate, so the use of special structure of the push rod to realize the secondary demoulding. Inner sleeve and push board card ring together, a stripper, lie between the outer sleeve and plunger of steel ball, plunger, a movement, the inner sleeve and push plate movement, realize a stripper. When in the groove of steel ball moved to the outer sleeve, steel ball is squeezed between the inner and outer sleeve, the inner sleeve is not with the plunger movement, the push plate to stop movement.

general parts out from the mold cavity, whether using single parting element, or USES the multielement joint demoulding, its movements is a complete release. But due to the special shape of parts or the need of automatic production, after a stripper action, action should be added to a stripping, to make the product mold release. Sometimes use secondary ejection mechanism is to ensure the quality of parts and avoid a demoulding rupture due to stamping force is too large,

to spread stripping resistance, ensure the quality of parts, or off automatically as the goal, complete two ejection movement organization called secondary demoulding mechanism. Many different kinds of secondary demoulding mechanism, movement form and clever, but most have one thing in common can follow: secondary ejector demoulding mechanism must have two or four groups of ejection stroke has a certain difference in out parts. If the action at the same time, insist on smaller ejection parts to stop action in advance. If you don't exercise at the same time, insist on larger parts lag movement. Therefore, requires a second ejector device control device of ejection stroke.

pneumatic demoulding mechanism refers to through the valve in the mould of compressed air is introduced into parts and mold, stamping mold release a device, it is especially suitable for deep cavity thin wall container, especially soft plastic mold release. Although pneumatic demoulding device to set up the access of the compressed air and air valve, etc. , but the mould structure was greatly simplified, core and concave die can use pneumatic he demoulding, can be arbitrarily in the process of open mould parts.

the characteristics of the secondary ejection mechanism is only a set of ejection device, but complete secondary ejection action. Spring can be spring loaded demoulding mechanism to achieve one of the core out, then push rod is used to implement the secondary ejection. Separate open mold, moving, or die, spring spring push model cavity, to emerge from the core parts, to limit screw contact dynamic model of fixed plate after completing a hernia. Since then, continue to open mold machine plunger driven push rod fixed board, through the push rod injection molding processing plant ejection mould parts, parts in the mold free fall off. The structure is simple, but the action is not reliable, spring easy to invalidation, need to be replaced in a timely manner.

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