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Injection molding processing new additives

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Crystal shape modification agent is added to the polyethylene crystalline polymers, such as changing the crystallization behavior of resin, to speed up the crystallization rate, increase the crystallization density and grain size ultra-micronization model. the, shorten the molding cycle, or full or partial products to improve transparency, surface gloss, physical and mechanical properties such as tensile strength, thermal deformation temperature.

on the basis of traditional additives, the researchers according to the needs of function and economy, the basic theory as the guide, combined with the new study, supplemented by a variety of injection molding processing, manufacture all kinds of new type additives. These new additives, compared to the traditional additives performance has a lot of improvement, technical content is high.

filling modification is one of the important means of plastic modified, rigidity and toughness to two important performance indexes of plastic products. Improve the effect of filling modification is one of the key technology of inorganic powder surface treatment technology. Organic coupling agent of organic chain short, and the matrix effect is small, to improve the performance of mechanics of materials is limited, can't satisfy the market demands improving product performance, reduce costs further development needs.

crystal shape modification agent, mentioned the crystal structure modification, it's easy to think of nucleating agent, transparent agent, the thought of polypropylene nucleating transparent agent again. Nucleating transparent agent is only modified one of a kind of crystal shape. Crystal shape modification also is not the patent of polypropylene. All crystalline polymer can add crystal modified tonic adjust the crystallization behavior of resin.

when polymer blending material modification of the most simple and feasible method. Compatibilizer is produced with this way of handling 2. So-called compatilizer which is able to make the blending of the two kinds of resin in the process of injection molding processing molten, with their help can form the thermodynamic compatibility condition, and combined with the advantages of several blending materials, achieving high performance-based and functionalization.

compatilizer is commonly or special copolymer grafted polymer, the two kinds of performance differences of molecular chain segments together with chemical method, molecular chain segments performance difference, the greater the effect of the compatibility, the better. Polymeric compatibilizer is based on the concept of surfactants, the main purpose is based on two or more polymer blending system with characteristics of different microscopic morphology of adjustment and control function, in order to improve the performance of its material, from the perspective of functional characteristics can be summarized I structured compatilizer.

in the future development of compatibilizer must to meet and promote the progress of polymer materials with each passing day. As the goal, from the structural compatilizer to functional compatibilizer, effective compatilizer and features such as compatilizer.

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