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Injection molding processing outbound order

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing outgoing refers to the client to provide the raw material and the mold, injection molding processing factory in accordance with the requirements for the delegate manufacturing plastic injection products and charge processing business. For the realization of the injection molding processing industry development and innovation, will highlight to analysis the demand of the market and trends, to analyze the challenges and opportunities, to analyze its advantages and disadvantages, to analysis the key links and steps. Why to analyze the basic situation, for the past many analysis have been out of date, or the time of the analysis itself has defects and errors.

do well injection molding processing industry depends on a variety of art, such as technology, business operation, management, public relations; Also want to rely on a variety of slightly, such as technology development strategy, talent development strategy, marketing strategy, financing strategy. Is slightly small, slightly is big, and slightly similarities is exquisite design, have size difference is the scope of planning, the planning time length. Light slightly to weight is heavy and small light with short, heavy, light, heavy technology is biased. Here, the biggest is the development and innovation, development and innovation is just injection molding processing industry development strategy.

since it is plastic injection processing orders, it's from the injection molding machine to start with. Under certain conditions, the delegate is need to by the client for the test of equipment and production capacity. May require manufacturers to assist to decide which one specifications of the injection molding machine, even the customer may only sample of the product or idea, and then ask the vendor whether the machine can produce, or what kind of models to suit. In addition, some special products may need to match the special equipment such as accumulator, the closed loop, injection compression, etc. , can be more efficient production. Therefore, how to decide the right injection molding machine to production, is a very important problem.

usually affect the injection machine selection of important factors including mold, products, plastic, molding requirements, etc, therefore, must first be collected or before to choose has the following information: the mold size ( Width, height, thickness) , weight, special design, etc. ; Use the amount and type of plastic ( Single material or a variety of plastic) ; The appearance of the injection molding product size ( Length, width and height, thickness) , weight, etc. ; Molding requirements, such as quality, production speed, etc.

the delegate for the product quality and tracking and patrol is little not, want to have a good product cannot leave every responsible staff. Realize the injection molding processing industry development and innovation, will develop new content, new management means, new personnel framework, management system, business strategy, etc. Strategy pattern. In terms of nature, enacted by each enterprise development strategy should be consistent; In terms of content, focus, structure, the development strategy of different enterprises have little in common. The recent plastic net in China visited several following enterprise after Singapore, feeling a lot, they have distance with us, already from the original simple plastic processing, to product design and development to the group made a dragon production operation mode, they are all in the direction of OEM and ODM.

so, how to choose a good injection molding processing factory?
the first: choose a good injection molding factory, first of all, under the administration of industry and commerce to understand the company's basic information, such as registered capital, established the year, the number of employees, etc. , so that we can judge the strength of the company from the side.

2: want to see the company staff's knowledge structure, ability can learn the company's injection molding technology, especially the injection engineer ability and competence of product design.

3: look at the company's customer, if the customer is contained in such as the world brand, or domestic famous brand companies, such as these enough to prove that the company's strength, especially the proportion of foreign clients and so on!

4: you can go to its website to understand the company's founder, the average company's website will have such an introduction, founder of the enterprise is the enterprise of bibcock, founder of the enterprise has a high-quality, highly educated, believe that the company would be an excellent enterprise.

5: look at how the company enterprise honor, especially some gold content relatively high honor, can learn the influence of the company, social responsibility, etc. Believe in honor more companies will be a product to the customer is responsible for the company.

6: to understand the injection molding processing manufacturer of quality management system, purchasing system, production management system and other information!

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