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Injection molding processing parts application

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In instruments and meters, household appliances, such as traffic, communication in all walks of life, there are more than 70% of the products is to use a mold to processing molding. Industrial developed country, its mold industrial output value more than the annual worth of Utah's machine tool industry is already. Plastic molding process in basic industries appear increasingly important status and influence on national economy. In the processing of plastic injection molding production, advanced mold design, high quality of mould manufacturing, high-quality mold material, the reasonable processing technology and modern molding equipment is the important condition of forming high quality plastic mechanical parts. A good pair of injection mold can molding millions of times, a good compression mold can molding more than 250000 times.

plastic high chemical stability, acid, alkali and many chemicals have good corrosion resistant ability, of which the highest ptfe plastic chemical stability, aqua regia to it cannot corrode, even atomic industry in strong etchant five fluorinated uranium on it doesn't work, so there is a plastic, wang said. Due to the plastic anti-friction wear-resisting performance is good, so in the modern industry, there are many gears, bearings and seals started using engineering plastics manufacturing machinery parts.

as machinery industry, electronic industry, aviation industry, instrument and meter industry and supplies the development of industry, more and more demand for plastic molding parts, quality requirements also more and more high, this requires molding plastic mold development, design and manufacturing level must also be more and more high. Therefore, the level of mold design, mold manufacturing capacity and the quality of the mould on the strength of the advantages, many have a direct impact on the development of new products and upgrading of old products, influences the quality of products and economic benefits of growth and improve the overall industrial level.

plastic vibration and sound insulation performance is very good also, many plastic also has pervious to light performance and insulation performance and waterproof, prevent the special performance, such as ventilation and radiation protection, therefore, the plastic has become indispensable to all walks of life a kind of important material. Plastic industry is an emerging industry, is along with the development of oil industry arises at the historic moment, the plastic parts are almost all into the industrial sector and all fields of People's Daily life.

plastic industry is a rapidly developing industry, the plastics industry in the 1930 s began to develop the current plastic products series, before and after the production process automation, continuous and expand the function of a new field of plastic, it has experienced the start-up stage, development stage, developing stage and stable growth phase such as several stages. Plastic as a new engineering material, its by continual development and application, combined with the molding process of mature, perfect and develop continuously, greatly promote the research and application of the plastic molding method and plastic molding mold development and manufacturing.

injection tooling parts can widely used in industrial production, because their itself is decided by a series of special advantages, plastic small density, light quality. Plastic than the intensity is high, according to the strength of the unit mass calculation called than strength, due to the density of plastic is small, so its strength is higher. Plastic insulation performance is good, low dielectric loss, because the plastic internal courtyard is generally no free electrons and ions, so most of the plastic with good insulation performance and low dielectric loss, so the plastic is indispensable in modern electrical and electronics industry raw materials.

with plastic parts and a variety of daily-use plastic industry and increasing demand, the update cycle of these products are getting shorter, so the plastic variety, yield and quality are higher and higher demands are proposed. Mold is an important craft equipment in industrial production, mold industry is one of the important basis of all parts of the national economy development. Plastic mold is used for plastic molding die, he is a type of cavity die.

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