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Injection molding processing parts structure combination

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Graphic combination or unit combination, the basic idea is to produce a batch of small unit of injection molding products processing, through the combination of to him too big to get all kinds of parts, or with different design and modelling of small units of products, through a combination of the subject product, to increase the products design and modelling of change. Graphic combination or unit combination design scheme is not suitable for production quantities, often need to change color and modelling, parts to quickly adapt to market changes.

reinforced thermoplastic plastic sheets, so as to achieve auto industrial plate A level requirement, molding, plastic fabric surface decoration layer, can cover up the surface might have exposed the glass fiber, surface aesthetics and much progress has been at the same time. Try to clever use to plastic parts structure combination, give a person the sense with beautiful design, added a lot of economic practicality.

the design to suit products, also want to consider to have a certain slope, at the same time suit design should not only pay attention to the edge of the container to make the suit products easy to separate, also want to consider to suit certain support from time to tome, avoid being suit container caused by excessive stress rupture. Graphic combination, unit combination as a mould manufacturing cost can be reduced effective measures, selection of graphic combination or unit combination can yet be regarded as a kind of design scheme.

conjoined combination refers to two similar or not similar products designed to be a products to forming, being formulated and then cut to form two products. More commonly used in medium and small products, can simplify the design, mold production to reduce costs, especially the two products to cooperate with each other, can improve the fit precision. Hinge combination as a assembly technology, and other connection design, is the biggest difference between hinge adopts the integral design of the same material a molding.

select flexing materials with excellent properties and accurate structure design and molding method, can make the hinge of the opening and closing times to 1 million times. Composite and package design can be folded suit design between product structure, and the same products, for the product stacking, storage, transportation and carried out with practical significance. Design examples are turnover box folding product structure, with back of a chair of the chair, sundry frame, RuanSu folding container, as well as the portable folding clothes hanger, toothbrush and other tourism supplies, etc.

use metal electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, surface hardness, luster and appearance, as well as the use of plastic chemical resistance, electrical insulation and low thermal conductivity characteristics. The combination of plastic and metal, it is important to note that if the working temperature of injection tooling is not at room temperature, a certain amount of compensation measures must be taken, in order to avoid different material coefficient of thermal expansion mismatch caused by quality problems. The combination of the material such as plastic and fabric can not only play the role of beautification adornment products, and can cover a defect on the surface of the products.

collapsible electronic products has become a model of perfect combination of function and fashion. A kind of like a ballpoint pen with a telescopic structure design and the folding structure design has the same effect. A starting from the concept of environmental protection such as Taiwan, designing a scalable chopsticks, go out is very convenient to carry and replace the disposable chopsticks, both health and environmental protection. Suit design commonly used in all kinds of boxes, boxes, barrels and other containers as well as the furniture such as chairs, stools, into a series of a complete set of design.

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