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Injection molding processing thread part rotation dislodgement

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In threaded parts forming process, when the gate freezes, the loading stopped, because the plastic melt cooling contraction, injection molding processing tightly surrounded on the threaded core parts, forming screw thread core resistance, the resistance in the form of torque. The threaded package is tight on the core parts, the package must be overcome when force formed by the friction torque. Turn the screw thread core, centered on the axis of the threaded core, to thread the pitch diameter of endpoint for point parts, be necessary to turn the screw thread core minimum torque.

according to the driving power, drive mode can be divided into manual, electric drive, open mold, hydraulic cylinder or cylinder driving, hydraulic motor drive, etc. Must pay attention to when designing artificial driven, screw thread core of forming the pitch to forming the pitch is equal, if, in out screw thread core parts will be damaged. A mould with variable to institutional manual emerge the threaded core mold, when artificial rotating helical gear, helical gear through the key role in agreement with it make the threaded core rotate.

speeder mould cavity, the screw driven mold choice for the driving gear shaft, gear by anastomosis with the measures of thread core. And decide model cavity part with moving parts under the action of a spring stop moving again after a distance, the threaded core while rotating parts from a fixed model cavity. The structure design is the key of correctly identifying model cavity plate and the fixed mould plate between the distance apart. If the distance is too long, the threaded core have all exits, but haven't pull out parts, the parts stay fixed model cavity is not easy to remove. If too short, the threaded core and several detained in parts, parts are pull model cavity, lost the check function, core is difficult to quit.

the pitch because the threaded core convex platform with forming equal screw pitch, the threaded core rotate at the same time according to the arrow direction, so the screw thread core can smooth out parts. Using the linear motion of the mould when, through the rack and pinion or lead screw transmission, make the threaded core do rotary motion and from the parts. Thread core can be mobile while turning away from parts, also can only do rotary motion from parts, but also by large Angle of screw nut screw thread core rotational and out of the parts.

out lateral screw thread core mould, rack guide pillar turns the threaded core and the sleeve nut do axial movement, the sleeve nut and screw thread core with screw thread pitch should be consistent with collective during stamping shape, and shall ensure that the gear width of screw thread on the core in the move to the two endpoints can match the tooth profile of rack guide pin.

type using parts and threaded core or ring hernia of relative motion and the relative movement between the threads. Slewing mechanism in movable die or die side. Usually, the slewing mechanism in dynamic model side of the mold. Small parts use the side gate, when screw thread part after ejection, if not out parts only top gating system, also can make it completely out of the cavity. At the same time, even if the appearance of the parts without stop, transfer gate increase can also be appropriate start-stop function, but for soft plastics, if the gate is not big enough to have cut off the danger.

for side gate multi-cavity injection molding processing factory parts, screw thread core rotary motion can only do out parts. Because the thread core and puller hooks rotate in opposite directions, so the thread hook to the thread. Angle of injection molding with the process screw driver. Angle of injection molding with screw driver, combining a model the rotating mechanism design more complicated. Threaded end milling after information into axis, the Angle of injection molding process is inside the square hole of leadscrew, open die as a result of the square shaft connection, screw thread core is along with the opening and closing mould rotating screw rotation and exit the parts.

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