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Injection molding processing turnover box

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Size design should not only consider injection processing materials of the rate of materials, and according to the requirement of the packing materials considering the structural strength and the box body of built-in adaptability. Turnover box will be according to the height of the beer bottles such as beer, beer bottles of quantity, the size of the corresponding weight to make appropriate design. In addition, the size of the box body design should conform to the requirements of the man-machine engineering science, to human handling turnover box, consider the light in order to improve the circulation efficiency, energy saving.

turnover box in the process of use, transfer, often will be affected by a variety of external force, including under load under normal use and the impact and damage by accident. In order to make the box body from being damaged or produce larger deformation, enclosure should have good tensile strength, compression strength, impact strength, creep strength, bending rigidity and surface hardness, etc. Turnover box with good adaptability, can not only adequate protection effect to the product, and doesn't affect the use of the turnover box performance. Dressed food category commodity turnover box, the product of sanitary performance shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations.

trapezoidal turnover box wall there is a slope, can suit each other. Generally trapezoidal turnover box design direction of the flange bearing steps, namely, with specifications of the turnover box after the empty goods, from the original stacking stability is poorer. In addition, according to the turnover box with a cover and without cover, sealed type dust pollution prevention role. The size of the box body design, the dimensions of the box, is a combination of economic, functional and aesthetic effect.

easy to clean after turnover box contaminated, don't hinder the repeated use of turnover box, light weight in manual handling, and reduce the transportation cost. To design and select of materials, is the premise to meet the requirements of turnover box function. Currently the most widely used raw material is high density polyethylene and polypropylene copolymer level. Because these two kinds of raw materials can meet the requirements of most turnover box, and raw material costs are relatively cheap.

mechanical strength of box, the other should be strengthen through the structure design. Returnable or for special purposes of turnover box has the special quality requirements, can be in the base resin adding some special additives shall be satisfied. Outdoor use, for example, turnover box, should make the material has anti-uv function, the electrostatic sensitive goods, should make the turnover box with antistatic function. The strength and rigidity requirements higher, can be mixed in the resin and glass fiber. In order to reduce costs, under the premise of without affecting performance, also can add a certain amount of filler masterbatch.

plastic turnover box is to use injection molding process of injection molding processing, suitable for all kinds of goods business short flow or a rigid packaging container of turnover for the industrial production line. By far the most common food turnover box, turnover box are fruits and vegetables such as turnover box. In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life, to household locker for the purpose, is clean and has a good dust moistureproof effect of all kinds of transparent colored plastic box also meet death into more and more families.

according to different purposes, turnover box has a universal and special. Universal widely applicable, the product form of enclosure structure has no special requirements. The special is designed according to the requirements of the specific product packaging. Structure classification, from the appearance of the current application has three categories, namely straight type, trapezoid and folding type. Straight means for rectangular box, with specifications of the turnover box can't suit, so that it can't be affected by the expansion force. In order to facilitate stacking, is designed in the bottom of the box body and the upper flange structure.

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