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Injection molding product design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Based on the model of human body engineering design must make the design of injection molding processing chair is suitable for human body in the work and resting posture and psychological feelings, and from the physiological, safety and health factors into consideration. Suitable seat should be designed to make the quality of the human body on the hips and sciatic, high should be slightly lower than the calf, deep should make hip all get support, and on the leading edge of the chair away from the calf should have a certain distance, to ensure the freedom of crus activity, seat width should make hip got all the support, and have some surplus, so as to timely adjust sitting position. Usually 53 cm wide single seats can meet the needs of the 95% of the people.

now replaced by sheet molding compound and widely application of the mold molding in, namely SMC process. The main characteristic of SMC process is forming good liquidity, but bulk molding parts or large parts of the shape and structure is complicated. By SMC process forming seat high strength, good durability, its modelling design according to the human body curve, comfort is strong, and has good surface quality, very suitable for used in public places such as public vehicles.

strength design is based on the chair mechanics analysis of loading condition. For portable chair, chair of the material used enough toughness, it is to ensure comfortable when using, but to fall in the chair or the impact from external shocks when not damaged, such as poor toughness of material in the cold outdoor environment prone to brittle fracture, so the chair is usually subjected to repeated impact load test. In order to ensure that the chair had enough strength, carefully choosing the material of the chair, can use the glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics, due to wall thickness of the plant design and the design of the stiffener is also an important content.

the current attention, and in the future with SMC process are equally important is the resin transfer molding, namely the RTM process. The technology is also suitable for forming large parts structure is very complicated, especially can be embedded within the product insert, implement local enhancement or used for other purposes. From, use different forms of plastic furniture, choose plastic chairs as the subject of product design, may have certain representativeness.

in terms of a single plastic chairs, and use object by using environment is different, its form is also varied. For different structure forms, have to separate from the back of a chair, chair seat surface has become an organic whole repeatedly seat surface and the back of a chair, there is a face, back of a chair design for plastic materials such as wood, metal chair as bearing skeleton, also have a face, back of a chair and chair legs into one plastic chairs. Although designer can according to your own artistic style, display imagination and design all kinds of smart beautiful modelling, however, as the basic function of a chair is simple and clear, this is the chair design must be able to meet the needs of the work or rest when sitting.

with glass fiber reinforced composites forming a chair, is one of the earliest application of composites in the furniture manufacturing industry. Early more by hand lay-up method, the characteristics of this process is to design degrees of freedom, can according to the requirements of the injection molding processing products technology to design the ideal model, the disadvantage is that the production efficiency is low, the production environment is not ideal, unstable product quality. But in a small amount of production or manufacture of new products, are favorable to the hand lay-up method is a method of forming.

function to form, for the design of the plastic chair, may be a rational thinking, in order to sit is solid, stable, not a seat is larger deformation, even collapse, must strength design of the chair to sit feels comfortable, have a kind of satisfaction, modelling design must be based on ergonomics. High strength is one of the most basic requirement of plastic chair, not high intensity, will not be able to ensure the safety of use. In the summer, the strength difference between the plastic chair, there may be a large deformation, slipped on the ground, people will automatically fall slippery to sit on.

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