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Injection molding product development process

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection molding processing is the development direction of the mold heat treatment by vacuum heat treatment, the domestic many heat treatment center and some large mold enterprise has been applied and are further promoted. Mold surface treatment in addition to the universal common surface treatment methods, should also develop expensive equipment, advanced technology of vapor deposition, plasma spraying technology, at present the research and development work in deep, has achieved is also energetically marketing.

using rapid prototyping technology does not need any tooling, can quickly create arbitrarily complex even nc equipment are very difficult or impossible to made products samples, which greatly reduces the risk of product development and processing cost, shorten the development cycle. Notable is, the RPM technology has developed to directly by metal powder sintering or spray deposited directly in the manufacture of mould research stage. The RPM of the rapid development of the technology to the traditional die manufacturing technology have a profound impact.

the domestic and foreign advanced materials research workers working conditions, the analysis of the mould is invalid form and how to improve the service life of the mould on the basis of a lot of research work, development developed have good usability and processing performance is good, the heat treatment deformation, thermal fatigue resistance of good new die steel, such as pre hardened steel, corrosion resistant steel. In addition, the surface of molding parts polishing processing technology and surface strengthening treatment technology development also soon.

in the process of the development of plastic products design and manufacture, design and manufacturer are often faced with complex curved surface is not described by the CAD model of real samples, it must pass a certain 3 d data acquisition method, the physical prototype can be converted to CAD model, so as to get the mathematical model of the part geometry, can make use of CAD, CAM, advanced technology such as RPM for processing or management. This product was obtained from the physical samples are the relevant technology of the mathematical model, called reverse engineering or reverse engineering technology.

with complex free surface parts of mold design, reverse engineering technology can be used. Detection of the surface geometry data first, and then through the data preprocessing CAD system, considering the forming process for the mould and surface reconstruction for the mold die and punch profile, finally through the CAM system for nc programming, complete mold processing. Prototype sample surface 3 d data of rapid measurement technology is the key of reverse engineering.

rapid prototyping technology is a kind of integrated use of computer-aided design technology, numerical control technology, laser technology and the development of material science, adopts the hierarchical increase material manufacture new concepts to replace the traditional wood or machining deformation method, is one of the most representative manufacturing technology, provides convenience for processing and injection molding. Rapid prototyping process selection laser sintering, melting with modelling and laminated manufacture, etc.

3 d contact type and non-contact method used for data collection. Using reverse engineering technology, not only can shorten the die design cycle, more important is to improve the quality of mold design, improve the ability of rapid strain market. Of reverse engineering is a modern advanced molding technology, selection of mould materials in mould design and manufacturing is a involved in the service life of the mold processing technology, mold, plastic parts molding quality and processing cost, and other important issues.

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