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Injection processing mould guide sleeve structure design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Guide sleeve material available hardened steel or wear-resistant materials such as copper, but the hardness of the hardness should be lower than guide pin, so that we can improve the friction, in order to prevent the column or set of hair. For precise or large plastic injection moulds and guide need large lateral force under the mold, the mold design usually take cone, bevel or guide pin is fine positioning device. Cone with two forms, one kind is a space between the two cone, quenching parts of the mould, make the sum of the cone to cooperate, to stop the migration. Another kind is two cone to cooperate, then both cone quenching process.

when clamping, should guarantee the parts first contact, avoid punch into the cavity, the first result in forming parts damage. When is dynamic and fixed template processing, the diameter of the guide pin assembly place should be equal and guide bush outside diameter. Guide pillar and guide bush cooperation form for general simple mold, the guide pillar don't need a guide sleeve, cooperate with template guide hole directly. According to the need, mould guide pin can also cooperate with guide bush. For shoulder guide pin, guide sleeve diameter and guide pin diameter equal to guide pillar fixed hole and guide sleeve hole processing.

in order to make the guide post more smoothly into the guide hole, should, in the front of the guide hole with rounded corners. Sliding part of the guide hole according to H8 / h8/21 dated clearance fit, the surface roughness is 0. 4. Because the guide hole directly on the template, so template material had better choose T8, and the hardness after quenching at about 55 HRC. But it is not economic, and it features with low requirements do not match, so generally choose 45 # steel, after tempering hardness is 235 hb.

guide post storage in the working part of the tank can be used to improve the condition, reduce friction, but increases the manufacturing cost. For mould requirement is not high, also don't add oil. In order to make the guide pin can smoothly enter the guide hole, guide post often make it the end of the conical or spherical guide part. Spherical guide part for making time-consuming, so general rarely used. The diameter of the guide post shall be fixed according to mold size, shall ensure that have enough bending strength.

guide pin should have hard and wear resistant surface, tough and not easy to break a lame, so much is made of low carbon steel after carburizing and quenching treatment or carbon tool steels after quenching treatment, hardness & ge; 55 HRC, or after quenched and tempered 45 steel, low temperature tempering, hardness & ge; 55HRC。 Guide hole opened directly on the template, this form of guide hole processing is simple, applicable to small batch production, mold accuracy is not high.

because usually stay moving mould parts, so to facilitate the demoulding, guide pin usually installed in the mold. But for special requirements, such as dynamic model using push plate ejection parts, push plate to the guide pin guide, guide pin installed in the dynamic model. In order to ensure good contact, parting surface guide pillar and guide bush in the parting surface should be equipped with slot, tend to be cut to a circle, or orifice chamfering in the guide bush. The guide pin, guide sleeve, and the axis of the guide hole should guarantee the parallel, otherwise will influence the accuracy of the clamping, and even lead to damaged parts.

guide hole hole should make it, if do blind hole, hole air not only unable to escape, to guide pin into the compression effect, and fall into the hole of the waste is also not easy to remove and prevent guide pillar import. If the cavity plate is very thick, made blind holes, the guide hole must be in the blind hole wall increase hole, or in the column wall exhaust slot and the guide hole end mill. In through the guide hole, in addition to its diameter size requires a certain length of mating surface, the rest of the aperture can expand, to reduce the polished surface, and improve injection moulds to cooperate.

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