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Inorganic flame retardants

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compared with organic flame retardant, inorganic flame retardant has some of the following advantages: 1. That, when burned, non-toxic or low toxic, gas quantity is little. 2. Abundant resources, cheap price. 3. Less smoke when burning, sometimes also can smoke abatement effect. But due to the flame retardant effect is poorer, usage, often influence on the performance of the injection molding products processing machinery. However, as the growing on the environment and safety requirements, the use amount of inorganic flame retardant is also growing.

it is first used for thermosetting plastics, has been widely used in thermoplastics, but for PS flame retardant effect is poor. Its flame retardant effect is heated after release of crystallization water absorbs heat, cooling effect, at the same time, the generated steam dilution effect to the combustible gas. But the initial thermal decomposition temperature is low, suitable for general plastics flame retardant. After nanoparticlization or special surface treatment of aluminum hydroxide, because of its thermal decomposition temperatures may reach above 300 ℃, flame retardant plastic can be used in the factory.

the water aluminum hydroxide flame retardant effect and are the same but the effect is poorer, after surface treatment products on the market, flame retardant performance improved. As a result of the magnesium hydroxide with high initial decomposition temperature, thus can be used in engineering plastics flame retardant. Use of magnesium hydroxide flame retardant plastic, its products of combustion, low corrosion and smoke characteristics. Compared with the amorphous red phosphorus, light color can be achieved utilizing magnesium hydroxide flame retardant products, flame retardant with a high resistance to tracking. But the amount of adding magnesium hydroxide is bigger, generally need to reach 60%, the effects on the mechanical properties of the injection molding products processing.

boride due to the low melting temperature, melting the release of the water and into the vitreous cover, while the cooling effect can the isolation effect. Red phosphorus combined with water vapor generated phosphoric acid after burning, the flame retardant effect same as the organic phosphorus flame retardants. Due to its high phosphorus content, so the effect of the same quality for 3 - organic phosphorus flame retardants 4 times or more, and non-toxic, it is a new generation of flame retardant, but its poor compatibility with the resin and the color depth, not processing too much, often alone can not reach the required flame retardant effect, often need to be with other flame retardants.

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