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Magnesia mineral filler flame retardant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
In recent years, mineral filler surface treatment of mineral types and greatly extended treatment agent types, manufacturing concern packing performance improvement, improve and value-added, plastic performance also depends on the chemical modification of mineral filler. The new development of mineral filler, mainly on the technology of using the method of directly fill in the, in performance were developed to improve the surface properties of minerals. Direct join method is in packing not mixing stage to join, it introduced mineral filler in the process of the formation of the final product. Directly joining process, including the pretreatment of minerals mixture, spheres, and thermoplastic fine adhesion, in a transformation process, powder directly into forming process, the mixed some screw factory.

the purpose of surface treatment, focused on improving the adhesion, improve the dispersion of mineral and organisms. The special coating to improve the performance of plastic at the same time, also can increase the opportunity to combine with other additives. And provide additional benefits together on the surface. Shiny plastic: luster and scraping resistance is the surface of the plastic is very important performance. Ultrafine powder and surface coating can improve the plastic luster. Transparency and scratch resistance are ebb and flow relationship, especially PP as especially when the car lining. Without packing PP soft, easy to damage, even adding talc can improve the bending modulus, but Nick still happen, especially in the dark on the injection molding processing accessories, scratches caused mineral particles exposed.

magnesia reinforcing flame retardant cheap, reactants, when using do not emit poisonous gas and fuel, no pollution to the environment, good insulation, and can improve the transparency of colour and lustre, high dehydration temperature, more suitable for high temperature processing injection molding process, and can have the dual effect of fillers reinforcement and flame retardant. And it can overcome the other flame retardants shortcomings and so on impact strength decrease after China's entry into wto. Surface modification are more easily also, the fiber morphology has more functional than sanshui diaspore.
the varieties and dosage of mineral filler, is determined by the polymer matrix and mineral species together, the effect of mineral filler function, multiple directional modification effect has been more than reduce the cost of the initial effect. The technical requirement of mineral filler with the requirement of process, equipment, product performance and change, the additional effect of ultrafine mineral powder, mineral filler mixed to a combined multifunctional technology and optimization approaches offer more diversity. Ultrafine mineral powder performance quantitative characterization, will make the multi-function powder directly into the system and the special effect of product design.

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