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Manufacturing high-end will work closely with plastic machinery

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
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with the whole stable healthy development of economy, the plastics machinery industry in 15 completed a leap-forward development, industry scale, the main economic indicators for eight years increasing year by year, its development speed is placed with the main economic indicators in the machinery industry to reduce the 194 industry, leading the way. Plastic machinery industry continue to grow, plastic machinery manufacturing capacity of about 200000 years ( Set) , efficience, ranked first in the world.

plastic machinery industry after years of development, initially formed a relatively concentrated production cluster. Mainly distributed in the bohai sea, the Yangtze river triangle with three big pearl river delta region. China plastics machinery industry has been maintained rapid development, is one of the fastest growing industries, the main economic indicators in the forefront of the national machinery industry.

create plastic machinery industry & other; Unmanned & throughout;
our domestic at present no one chemical plant, most of whom were injection molding processing workshop, sheet metal workshop or packaging workshop. Due to easy to complete the process fully automated, should now this is can find a lot of ready-made solutions, sheet metal, for example is similar to the method of Tox, Spain saida etc. They are in the development of more flexible and easier to configure flexible sheet metal equipment and production lines, injection molding machine with up and down in injection Angle manipulator with conveyor belt, also have been compared with the mature scheme, packaging part is easier to see the solution of stacker crane cooperate to use with automatic sorting.

in recent years, the plastic machinery industry by introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced manufacturing technology, the speed of new products, new technology development point of view. In the future, the plastic machinery industry product development mainly around a few more of the following:

miniaturization is an important development direction of various kinds of products in the future, more market demand, the current in the electronic, information, electronics, medical and biological department has shown significant momentum is one example. If use to replace human vascular diameter less than 0. 5 mm plastic pipe production equipment, some countries have in development.

the development of the automation and intelligent plastic machinery products, will significantly improve the running stability and reliability of plastic machinery, effectively improve plastics machinery of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption production function, and to complete the factory unmanned workshop, no one to give a solid technical foundation.

at the same time, strengthen the concept of industry chain system, plastic machinery to the upstream petrochemical industry, downstream products processing industry, the plastics machinery as a important part of the new material industrial chain, and with national huge demand, combining the equipment manufacturing industry revitalization and get rid of the relatively weak position of the molding machine industry.

in addition, if plastic machinery and machine tool can be the same as the basis of industrial machinery ( Plastic machining polymer materials, machine processing metal materials) , as an important part of equipment industry, of advanced plastic machinery like CNC machine exactly the same as the special support and preferential policies, to promote the plastic machinery industry to play a more significant leverage, a much larger contribution to the development of machinery industry.

the development of plastics machinery industry, want to combine the basis of the actual situation and the existing industry, strengthen the link, is to plastic machinery associated with high-end manufacturing, to the high benefit industry and development, with the influence of the national economy important industry is closely related with people's life associated with specific needs, protruding shows the status of plastic machinery in the manufacturing of machine tools.

plastic machinery for a long time of aircraft, functional specifications of the uniform with fixed already cannot satisfy the market demand. Customers because of the production of injection molding products processing requirements often change with effective investment management, need plastic machinery industry for its gives the ability to adapt the market of plastic machinery and equipment; Another Angle with the commercial development of industrialization of rapid evolution, mass with mass production and manufacturing must rule.

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