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Microbial synthesis of polymer

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Microbial synthesis of polymer degradation of polymeric materials based on microorganism fermentation and its derivatives products as monomer polymerization. The biodegradability of the polymers is superior, good processability and mechanical properties are natural macromolecule material, but far less than the general synthetic resin.

synthetic biodegradable polymeric materials is based on oil as a raw material synthetic polymers containing biodegradable functional groups. Breed basically has two kinds, one kind is aliphatic polyester, another kind is aliphatic polyester copolymer. Main degradation for hydrolysis of synthetic biodegradable polymeric materials and acid solution.

photo is a common synthetic biodegradable polymeric materials, is the only water insoluble in water and can be degradable resin varieties, and is considered to be promising biodegradable plastics. The exploitation of low melting point, copolymer, can improve its melting point, so as to improve the injection molding processing performance. PCLS price is too high, so is not very widely used alone, often used as a blending material and general resin blend, with starch blend, completely biodegradable plastic.

plasticizer, in order to improve the processability and the physical and mechanical properties of the natural biodegradable plastics, often join plasticizer, commonly used natural biodegradable polymer plasticizer for starch. Automatic antioxidant, is mainly used for general resins and natural degradation of polymer blending formula, because this kind of degradable plastics in general resin part cannot fully biodegradable, and can only become a mesh or small pieces, so let's add antioxidant automatically.

automatic antioxidant also called biodegradation accelerator, is a kind of generate peroxide reaction with metal salts in the soil, thus promotes not degradation of small molecular fragment molecular chain break, then degraded into small molecular compounds. Compatibilizer is mainly used for natural biodegradable polymeric materials and general resin blend biodegradable plastics, join the purpose is to increase the compatibility of both.

part of biodegradable plastics is by the degradation of general resin and biodegradable resin blend two times. Because this kind of degradable plastics china-africa degradation part or not hard degradation, hence the name part of biodegradable plastics. Non-degradable general resin can improve the injection molding processing performance and improve the mechanical strength, to reduce the rise this.

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