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Mineral filler

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Mineral filler in plastics additive dosage is very large, its role is to improve the physical properties of plastic materials. Unlike other additives, and the physical properties of the filler to a great extent, affect the use effect of he. Active filler can be attributed to the effect of several kinds of mechanism. Some packing and enhanced materials generated by chemical bonds, such as carbon black produced by free radical reaction in the elastomer crosslinking, other packing mainly through the volume of work, the polymer chain segment by primary bond valence or time and packing surface is linked together, because the molecular motion within the scope of fillers and polymer interface restricted causes filled polymer glass transition temperature. Evenly dispersed filling agent, can make as many of the polymer chain and free surface of the packing is very important.

the different shape of composite material, to obtain optimum performance, need to adopt different varieties and should be. Unidirectional composite material made with large length to diameter ratio of the whisker orientation of one-way bar, two-way reinforced laminated sheet should be used with large plane whisker tensile strength of paper. For 3 d enhance mold plastic should be short and small length to diameter ratio whisker, request completely mixed and disorderly arrangement, made after the mold.

another role model of active packing was when polymer molecules by energy absorption of mechanical stress absorption, can from the packing slip surface, so the impact energy can be more evenly dispersed. The main difference between inactive and active filler is their impact on physical and mechanical properties. All elastic modulus and hardness of the filler for plastics are improved to some extent, but use the spherical filler to strengthen can not increase the thermal deformation temperature to use fiber reinforced the same degree.

talcum powder is hardness small mineral filler, its consumption is second only to calcium carbonate. Because the talcum powder has hydrophobic, he can with oil, fat and wax and the compatibility of polymer with high. At the same time, because of its thin layer lattice is easy to separate overlapping cheng, can produce lubrication, reduce the wear and tear for processing equipment. In addition, it also can improve the stiffness of injection molding products processing, creep and shrinkage, increase the heat reflection temperature under load and reduce the coefficient of linear expansion. But it is on the impact strength and elongation at break and light aging performance also can bring bad effects. Talcum powder depends on the function of polymer powder fineness and the level of talcum powder.

silicon ash powder is the main cost of white crystalline calcium silicate, alkali resistance is good, but not resistant to strong acid. As a filler, its main advantage is the linear expansion coefficient is small, relative density and small water imbibition, but hardness is larger, higher requirements for processing equipment. After surface treatment of silica fume powder can replace the glass fiber and asbestos.

pixels, mica and talc powder is also layered silicate, used for packing of basically has two kinds of Muscovite and phlogopite, basic colorless, the former, the latter is golden brown, it has good dielectric properties, the advantages of small thermal conductivity, high dimensional stability. Mainly used in electrical parts. Although the price is more expensive in the inorganic filler, but the price is lower than the glass fiber or glass microspheres.

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