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Modification methods of polypropylene

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
With alkaline polyamide modified polypropylene fiber, acid can be made by blend spinning dyeing polypropylene fiber, the dyeing performance is good, and colour and lustre bright-coloured, the hygroscopicity and antistatic performance improved, can meet the demand of good spinning performance. Use insect repellent, antioxidants, and molecular weight regulator made drive midge masterbatch, and then to drive midge polypropylene fiber, modified polypropylene fibers are safe to human body, the fiber has no side effects. Agent modified polypropylene fiber, improve the activity of the polypropylene, at the same time can make polypropylene fiber has many new new, modified injection molding processing products not only has excellent dyeability, bright color and also has antibacterial, drive midge resistance, environmental protection and so on.

is a kind of inert gas argon, polypropylene in argon plasma treatment, because of the argon plasma UV photons have plenty of energy released, can open the C - Bonding C - C H key to form free radicals, free radicals can be back together, produce unsaturated content or crosslinking content, or change the chemical structure of polypropylene, so that the plasma can more quickly into the surface of polypropylene, increased the surface reactivity of polypropylene, polypropylene surface has better adhesive.

with compound with antistatic agent to modified polypropylene fiber can improve the fiber volume resistivity, add additives to promote the stearic acid glyceride migration to the fiber surface, so that the antistatic property of polypropylene fiber was improved. Add anti-static agent and flame retardant into polypropylene fiber, can make the products of flame retardant and antistatic property was improved. The antibacterial function of ceramic material of modified polypropylene fiber has good antibacterial properties.

nitrogen, oxygen plasma treatment of polypropylene can make the surface of polypropylene with reactive group, easy to graft modification, also can improve the adhesive, using nitrogen, oxygen, argon plasma treatment of polypropylene fiber surface can improve the surface tension of the polypropylene fiber, including Yun treatment effect is good. Polypropylene polymer materials under the effect of plasma, the formation of a large number of free radicals, thereby increasing their activity. Plasma surface modification method applied to the modified polypropylene fiber, improve the activity and dyeing of modified materials.

modification methods mainly include the plasma surface modification of polypropylene, additives modification and blending modification, filling modification and nanometer material modification and so on. Plasma surface modification is a new kind of modification methods, using the modified polypropylene fiber can improve its infiltration and adhesive on the surface of the injection molding processing products. Change mood under the condition of fixed, plasma modification of polypropylene fiber, air or nitrogen plasma treatment can introduce polar groups, the formation of new surface structure, polymer surface activity, hygroscopicity, acid and reactive dyes in the dyeing of polypropylene fiber on sex and fiber coloration are improved, and also can improve the hydrophilicity of polypropylene fiber, reduce the contact Angle.

in the section of the communist party of China mixed with far infrared radiation characteristics of the ceramic particles modified polypropylene fibre, far infrared fiber system has the effect of health care, and to join the high proportion of ceramic particles, can also improve the fabric drape performance. High concentration of fine copper powder mixed with polypropylene and has a high concentration of hydroxyl polymer mixed with polyester, made skin-core structure of modified polypropylene fiber have eliminate peculiar smell and antibacterial ability, and polypropylene fiber containing hydroxyl besides eliminate peculiar smell, can also double as hot melt adhesive, antibacterial non-woven fabrics. With copper powder as antibacterial agent of modified polypropylene fibre, the preparation of linear density larger net yarn, can prevent the adhesion of algae.

fertilizer modified polypropylene fibre has a variety of new performance. Use with 0. 25% crystal nucleating agent modified polypropylene fiber, adding nucleating agent after modification, generate the modification of the morphology of polypropylene fiber, reduces the polypropylene molecular weight and its distribution, enhances the spinnability of polypropylene fiber and its shock resistance increased significantly. Hoechst the development of a granular aliphatic anion sulfonic acid salt resistant electrostatic agent, used for modified polypropylene fiber can improve its liquidity, pigment dispersibility and compatibility of blend.

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