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Modification of polyamide

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Nylon has high strength; Has the very high impact strength; High heat resistance; Excellent wear resistance; Since the performance, all the nylon for chemical reagent, strong acid, strong alkali, strong swelling resistance and corrosion resistance; Excellent blocking performance; Flow has excellent workability, nylon can be used for injection molding processing, methods such as extrusion, blow molding, reaction injection molding processing all kinds of products; Has the very high chemical activity, nylon macromolecular chain of polar groups can react with what units containing polar groups of the polymer, form a new polymer, the preparation of high performance the important condition of modified nylon alloy and composite materials.

nylon modified mainly from the following aspects: 1. To improve the nylon water imbibition, improve dimensional stability of the product. 2. Improve the flame retardancy of nylon, to adapt to the electronic, electrical, communications and other industries. 3. To improve the mechanical strength of nylon, to achieve the strength of the metal material, instead of the metal as stress structure material. 4. Improve the resistance to low temperature performance of nylon, enhance its ability of resistance to environmental strain. 5. To improve the wear resistance of nylon, to adapt to the high wear resistance requirement. 6. Improve the antistatic property of nylon, to adapt the demand of mining and mechanical applications. 7. Improve heat resistance, in order to adapt to such as the car engine condition of high temperature resistant. 8. Reduce the cost of nylon, enhance the competitiveness of their products. In short through the improvement, achieving high performance processing for nylon composites and functional, and promote related industries to develop in the direction of high performance, high quality products.

polyamide, we used nylon this name, is the five common engineering plastics in the high yield, wide variety, purpose, excellent comprehensive performance of resin. In polyamide series varieties, PA6, PA66, production and consumption is very big, about 90% of total polyamide. Nylon as excellent engineering structure material, and always maintain its leading position. The application of nylon can be among the top of the five major engineering plastics, mainly because it has many excellent performance, on the mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties, etc have prominent characteristics.

in regard to the development of products, mainly for high performance nylon, super tough nylon and nylon, halogen-free flame retardant nylon as the leading direction; In applications, significant progress has been made in auto parts, electrical components development, such as car air inlet pipe with high flow and high strength of modified nylon has been commercialized, the complex components of plastic, except in terms of energy saving is of great significance, more important is to extend the service life of components, to promote the development of engineering plastics processing technology.

the disadvantage of nylon is: 1. Water imbibition is stronger, the existence of nylon macromolecular chain amino lead to a larger water imbibition. Therefore, to bring the size of the injection molding products processing stability is poorer; Most of the nylon toughness at low temperature is poor; Nylon flame resistance. Because the nylon has many characteristics, therefore, in the automotive, electronics, electrical equipment, mechanical parts, transportation equipment, textile, paper making machinery, etc widely used.

as the miniaturization of automotive, electrical and electronic devices of high-performance, mechanical equipment of lightweight process is accelerated, the demand for nylon will be more higher. Nylon as structural material, especially on its strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, etc, high demands are put forward. The intrinsic defects of nylon is also a important factor of restricting its application, especially for PA6, PA66, two varieties, and PA46, PA12 and other varieties than has a strong price advantage, although some performance cannot meet the demands of the development of related industries. Therefore, have to pass a modified for a particular application domain, some performance to enlarge its application field.

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