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Modification of polyphenylene sulfide

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The creep properties of PPS, compression strength, gas barrier property were better than that of PTFE, is more suitable for making gasket material. Polysulfone has excellent mechanical properties, also has the very high heat distortion temperature, thermal decomposition temperature and insulation. But poor injection molding processability, fire resistant, corrosion resistance, and PPS blend, has excellent performance in complementary, blend can be used in the manufacture of gears, bearings, electric switch, etc. PPS and PSF melt blending can significantly improve the impact properties of PPS.

due to different varieties and form of the resin, the resin is usually a powder or bead. Processing powder resin and filler composites preparation variety, should pay attention to choose the right screw, to facilitate feeding, usually screw feeding period of spiral Angle should be 30 & deg; And the spiral groove depth should be appropriate. Extrusion processing, cylinder temperature is 300 - Temperature of 340 ℃, the nose is 300 - 320 ℃, due to the high processing temperature, together with glass fiber, screw and barrel are should choose wear-resisting, corrosion resistant materials, enhanced by using glass fiber should choose non-alkali untwisted yarn, and treated with coupling agent.

ABS for PPS also has certain toughening effect, but the tensile and thermal performance declined. PPS/PC blend with excellent mechanical, electrical and process performance. If in proportion, to improve the PPS impact strength is given priority to, you can use a higher concentration of PC. If improve the milk of PC combustibility, should reduce the dosage of PC. Polyolefin-g-mah/PPS/PTFE is excellent wear resistance and low coefficient of friction materials. Especially suitable for production of bearing, this alloy has higher than pure PPS toughness and corrosion resistance, PTFE blend. ' For example, with 20% 40% PTFE of PPS.

using glass fiber reinforced PPS is a very effective and convenient and economic method. With glass fiber reinforced PPS can improve the tensile strength, bending strength, bending modulus, impact strength and thermal deformation temperature, such as performance, and enhance the PPS under long-term load and heat load, has good resistance to creep. So it is a kind of excellent antifriction and anti-wear materials. Usually use non-alkali glass fiber reinforced PPS. Can also use high performance fiber for PPS, such as carbon fiber, graphite fiber, aromatic polyamide fiber and metal fiber etc.

with carbon fiber than with glass fiber reinforced PPS, has higher rigidity, strength and better electrical conductivity, elasticity, abrasion resistance and friction characteristics, etc. According to different purposes, using different filler, can improve the mechanical properties and electric properties of PPS resin, also can greatly reduce the cost. With other polymer composite blending with PPS, the preparation of polymer alloy, in order to improve the toughness of PPS resin, melt stability performance.

PPS modified are enhanced, and with other polymer blending method, etc. Medium molecular weight polyphenylene sulfide resin hot oxygen crosslinking treatment under the lower than the melting point, when the melt index below 200 g / 10 min, can be used for extruding. Often will handle the good medium molecular weight or high relative molecular mass of PPS resin injection tooling and the required packing adequately on high speed mixer mixing, in twin screw extruder extrusion directly or long glass fiber cladding extrusion, cooling, cutting grain after a quick PPS modified aggregate.

PPS and PA66, PA6 and PA12 nylon, can blend in the heat engineering was mixed soluble good polymer alloy, the polyolefin-g-mah/has high toughness. PPS and PA blend to 60 PPS / 40-97 3 copies of the PA advisable, drying temperature is 120 ℃, blending extrusion temperature is 280 - 310℃。 PPS with blending, such AS PS, ABS, AS can be greatly improved the processing properties of PPS, make its can molding under low temperature and pressure.

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