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Modification of polysulfone material

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
For convenience of demoulding, polysulfone aggregate can be coated C10 - Fatty acid magnesium salt powder or C10-30 Thirty aliphatic amide powder, dosage is 0. 5%, will not affect the mechanical properties of injection molding products processing. PSF and ABS blend common alloy, polysulfone impact strength can be improved and usually rubber blend, such as grafted polybutadiene rubber, acrylic rubber, ethylene propylene diene rubber, PC and so on, varieties of alloy mainly include polysulfone/polyether imide, polysulfone/fluorine plastics, polysulfone, polyether ether ketone, polysulfone/PC, etc.

improve polysulfone when subjected to solvent micro crack resistance. Usually the polysulfone adding 0. 01% - 5% of ammonium salt, metal salt or organic acid salt. Such as join about 0. After 7% fluorine butane sulfonic acid potassium, polysulfone in toluene - Isopropyl alcohol mixed solvent, the elongation at break increased from 4% to 50%. Methyl phenol or with a greater than or equal to three hydroxyl in the presence of halogenated compounds to branched polysulfone, the ability of micro cracks.

in order to improve the melt fluidity of polysulfone, you can add 1, 2 - Hydroxy stearic acid and aliphatic alcohol high relative molecular mass and lubricant or some incompatible copolymer. Compatible with 15% benzene generation styrene copolymer can be divided into maleic imide copolymer, 5 copies of the copolymer is added to the 100 PSF, compared with no added PSF, melt viscosity under 320 ℃, respectively for 984. 2Pa. S, and 1262. 4Pa. S, and shall not affect the other performance. PES and 1% 50% of the blend of PPS and add 100 - 200 packing, can flow to improve its processability.

the hurricane can absorb ultraviolet light, although the performance impact is not big, but it will make the product turn yellow. To improve its resistance to ultraviolet radiation, generally add 0. 01% - 1. 2, 2-0 Hydroxy - 3, 5 - Tertiary butyl - 2 5 - Chlorine and triazole or diphenyl pbo, can also add a mixture of both. Polysulfone need processing under 300 ℃, the melt viscosity increases, especially the polysulfone ether. In order to make its stability, usually add 0. 01% - 4% of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal salts, all kinds of phosphoric acid or phosphate and phosphite ester, may also add ring phosphite ester and phosphite.

polysulfone not wear-resisting polymer, but add solid lubricant such as ptfe, glass fiber, graphite, etc. , can improve the wear resistance. If add 15% PTFE and 30% glass fiber, has good wear resistance, but only add 15% PTFE can make the water imbibition and tensile strength slightly down, other performance basically remain unchanged. In the three type of sulfone, only PSF is flammable, and PES, PAS is not flammable.

polysulfone modified mainly improve his impact strength, elongation, solvent resistance, resistance to environmental performance, processing performance and can be plating performance. Polysulfone modified additives main modification, polyolefin-g-mah /, glass fiber reinforced and mineral filling, etc. Adding modifier is mainly in order to improve and enhance the polysulfone by solvent effect of micro crack resistance, uv resistance, high temperature processing stability, abrasion resistance, flame retardancy, and injection molding processing performance.

in order to decrease the flammability of the PSF, generally in the synthesis section or processing with a variety of bromine compounds, also can use Sb2O3 do association agent. Such as add 0 in PSF. Relative molecular mass of 50000 5% of the bromide polyphenylene oxide and 0. 5% stabilizer, flame retardant can be obtained for V - Level 0 products, such as joining only 1% bromide polyphenyl ether, also can achieve the same effect. Polysulfone melt viscosity is higher, so the processing needs high temperature and high pressure.

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