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Modified polycarbonate

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Polycarbonate is a kind of polymer molecular chain containing carbonate, he is one of the five general engineering plastic, its output and consumption is second only to the nylon engineering plastics. Polycarbonate production methods can be adopted ester exchange method and optical gasification method. Ester exchange method, only production is low, the viscosity of the resin, phosgenation method can produce including relative molecular mass of the injection molding processing products. The carbonic acid ester resin mainly USES the method of phosgenation production.

polycarbonate macromolecular chain structure, both the supple chain of carbonate, and the benzene ring structure rigidity, just the mechanical properties of polycarbonate with toughness and, therefore, this is not the advantage of other engineering plastics. Without notch impact strength of PC (polycarbonate) came out on top in the engineering plastics, more than 3 times higher than the PA, POM. Polycarbonate obvious deficiencies in mechanical properties is the difference in stress cracking resistance, thick wall low notched impact strength, high notch sensitivity, low fatigue strength.

as well as the other thermoplastic polycarbonate can use a variety of machining method, can be used, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding and secondary processing. Polycarbonate is mainly used in electrical electrical, automotive industry, mechanical industry, packaging materials, etc. Polycarbonate performance related to the molecular structure of the he, polycarbonate contains a variety of functional groups, molecular chain molecules on the main chain of benzene ring provides rigidity and resistance to chemical stability, and isopropyl ether bond give softness and toughness, ester base easy bibulous, sensitive to water.

the polycarbonate macromolecular main chain on the benzene ring stiffness and the influence of the space steric hindrance, polycarbonate crystallization ability is poor, amorphous polymers. Polycarbonate is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, transparent, colorless or light yellow amorphous thermoplastic engineering plastic, excellent comprehensive performance. The mechanical properties of polycarbonate and its relative molecular mass, relative molecular mass of more than 18000 has good strength.

POM is an ideal material to automobile manufacturing, development will be very active in this respect, because POM excellent performance, through filling strengthen, such as copolymerization modification, blending, and further improve its performance. So as the automobile manufacturing industry to develop in the direction of energy saving, lightweight, POM application in the automobile industry will be rapid growth. Modified polyformaldehyde as high lubricity, wear resistance, rigidity and dimensional stability, can be used to make gear, control rod and other components.

modified polyformaldehyde instead of brass used to make pesticide spray gun, long service life, good effect, can save a lot of brass. Modified polyformaldehyde, good abrasion resistance, such as textile spinning frame used for high-speed bearing cage, the cage of injection molding products processing is superior to the copper. Modified polyformaldehyde in construction, transportation, magnesite, etc can be widely used in the production of high wear resistance, good sealing seat, stay ring and seal, guide rail, steel tubes.

general polycarbonate wearability, worse than PA word POM, PTFE, but higher than PSF, ABS, PMMA. Polycarbonate thermal deformation temperature is higher, but the long-term work under 120 ℃, short-term resistant to 140 ℃. Polycarbonate high glass transition temperature, with excellent dimensional stability and resistance to creep, is better than that of PA and POM. Thermal stability of PC (polycarbonate), dry good polycarbonate to oxidation degradation during processing, molten state can keep the number of hours, 330 - a short time 350 ℃ and only minimal degradation, higher than 350 ℃ to decomposition.

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