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Modified polyester and product features

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Development of efficient into nuclear technology, increase the crystallization rate of PET to improve injection molding processing performance is the core issue of modified PET, PET in price performance compared with PA6, PA66, PBT, dialogue, has great advantages, once the breakthrough PET processing technology, the demand will increase exponentially. The key is to find out the inhibition of ester exchange reaction of alloying technology of macromolecular degradation. Application of PBT alloys in automobile bumper, will promote the development of PBT, alloying technology. Such as metal fiber, liquid crystal polymer material, the application of oxide whisker, is an important direction of research and development of modified polyester.

reinforced polyester is one of the important varieties of modified polyester, is characterized by high strength, high rigidity and excellent wear resistance, has become a kind of important structural materials. Used for polyester reinforced material is glass fiber, carbon fiber, and a layered, acicular, rod structure of inorganic filler, metal fiber, oxide whisker. Which is the widespread use of glass fiber, carbon fiber and inorganic filler, metal fibre for requiring high electrical conductivity. Whisker besides has certain enhancement function, also has the good electromagnetic shielding effect, also is polyester reinforced material, but these two kinds of reinforced material is used only for some special purpose, mainly is the prices higher than glass fiber materials.

reinforced polyester with high strength, enhance the mechanical properties of PBT, and enhance the PET and reinforced nylon, strengthen PET have higher bending strength and modulus. Thermal deformation temperature increased significantly, heat distortion temperature of the glass fiber reinforced PET can be close to the glass fiber reinforced PA66. Flame retardant reinforced polyester production, high demand in modified polyester varieties, the main varieties are flame retardant PBT, flame retardant reinforced PBT and flame retardant PET.

has flame retardant reinforced polyester flame retardant, flame retardant requirement to electrical and electronic equipment, high strength, flame retardant enhance the strength of PBT, PET to suit the requirements of structural materials. Good flame retardant reinforced polyester processing flow, excellent electric properties, in addition to the insulation, but also has electromagnetic shielding effect. Polyester with a lot of polymer blends or copolymer to form polymer alloy. Modified polyester with high strength, good heat resistance, excellent electrical insulation, good processing flow, in the automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, communications and other industries has a broad market.

new polyester used for modification of PBT and PET two varieties, such as PEN has good heat resistance, can be long-term use under 155 ℃, high mechanical strength, good gas barrier property, the hydrolysis resistance is better than that of PET, and PET dialogue PBT blend, making barrier property material, used for packing material has good market prospects. Flame retardant reinforced PBT, PET is still the dominant species, we advocate green environmental protection, in the flame retardant chemical modification, halogen free, low precipitation varieties resistant development will become the main direction.

polyester for the purpose of engineering plastics, most is the use of modified polyester. Polyester modified purpose is mainly to improve its strength, heat resistance, milk combustibility and injection molding processing formability; Modification approach with fiber reinforced, flame retardant and enhance, strengthen filling, alloying. Through blending modification, the modified polyester is very prominent features, can be used for engineering structure materials. From reinforced polyester reinforced material in division of glass fiber reinforced polyester, carbon fiber reinforced polyester, from the classification of polyester resin binders have reinforced PBT, and strengthen the PET.

PBT alloy as the material of car bumper, instrument panel and other large components, it has excellent weather resistance, can be coated. Especially reinforced flame retardant PET with high rigidity, heat resistance is better than modified PBT, its use more widely. With the development of electronics, electrical equipment for high performance, miniaturization, demand of modified polyester will be bigger and bigger. Structure from truck to small family cars and high-end luxury car production, for application of modified polyester offers a very broad market.

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