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Mold plastic molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As the extrusion process and the injection molding processing technology matures, the sheet forming quality of the products is similar to the casting plate, but slightly low thermal deformation temperature and surface hardness. Organic glass sheet extrusion production line is mainly composed of single screw extruder, flat head, three-roll calender, tractors, trimming machine, cutting machine, etc. Extrusion molding in addition to the general production tablet organic glass, also can produce color, decorative pattern, corrugated, hollow and compound organic glass plate.

in the flat transparent organic glass production formula to join the pearl pigment, with special process control and operation of bright colors, can be obtained from organic glass with pearl luster, known as the pearl of organic glass. Organic glass bead light from inside uniform, dense, glittering and translucent flash with colorful, thunder-and-lightning and tonal, widely used as a senior decoration materials. The formula of pearl pigment usage is generally 1% 2%, if the production of colored pearl organic glass, also need to join all kinds of dyes and pigments, in order to overcome their polymerization, dosage of initiator and should be appropriately increased.

methyl methacrylate mold plastic production methods with suspension polymerization, solution polymerization and bulk polymerization. Suspension polymerization technology is mature, easy to replace the varieties, at present, a lot of countries around the world using this method, solution polymerization and bulk polymerization can realize continuous production, high product quality, has certain development potential. Extrusion molding using PMMA plastic, used to produce plates, tubes, rods and other profiles, especially in developed countries the production of plexiglass plate production is close to a casting sheet.

because of pearl pigment density is the density of methyl methacrylate, polymerization methods are prone to settlement, usually results in uneven pearl pigment arrangement, lead to poor pearl effect. Therefore in the process of polymerization to choose special polymerization process, to avoid settlement of pearl powder and common aggregation method is vibration aggregation. Aim is to make the mould vibration polymerization pre polymers by tiny mobile to produce internal friction, avoid settlement of pearl powder, pearl get the good performance of the glass.

generally about 300 times/min, the vibration frequency amplitude - 1 20 mm, need no obvious reaction to the material liquid to flow, to stop vibration, continue to polymerization under low temperature material liquid after reaching gelation condition of high temperature processing, glass bead light upon cooling mold release. Industrial production of methyl methacrylate (mma) mold plastic refers to methyl methacrylate and styrene and methyl acrylate monomer of the copolymer as the main body of the bead or granular material, also known as acrylate molding compound.

mechanical impurities in addition to obviously reduce the optical properties of organic glass, and its heat resistance and mechanical properties decreased; The existence of low boiling point organic matter, make the polymer products internal defects such as bubbles, the existence of a small amount of water, make the surface of polymer products produces silver lines, water content increased, easy to form fog, affect the transparency of products, a large number of moisture, severe emulsification phenomenon, even make polymer loss of performance. So in the process of polymerization molding, strictly control the impurity content.

methyl methacrylate and styrene copolymer molding compound cost is low, the melt has good liquidity, easy processing, can be used in the manufacture of molding powders. With methyl acrylate copolymerization of molding compound has good processing performance, its tenacity and surface abrasion resistance is superior to the ordinary organic glass. Both molding compound is suitable for injection molding and extrusion molding, manufacturing all kinds of transparent plastic processing products or parts, widely used in instruments and meters, automobile, optical, and daily necessities.

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