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Mold thickness and thickness of injection molding machine template closed

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
As the main way and high temperature plastic melt and injection molding machine nozzle repeated contact and collision, so often used the mainstream way designed to remove the gate set, commonly used T8 and T10 steel production, and quenching treatment and 50 - 55HRC。 Distributary channel is the mainstream way feeding channel with sprue. In multi-cavity injection tooling mold gate and a single cavity mold of distributary channel is indispensable. In single mold runner mould, sometimes distributary channel.

injection cavity formation should meet the needs of the mold to take out the plastic parts separately. For double injection mold parting surface, in order to remove the port setting. Mould with side parting and core pulling mechanism of check mainly refers to the side parting and core pulling of die, is the use of injection molding machine mould opening action, through the oblique pin parting core-pulling mechanism. At this time of the injection molding machine mould schedule should be according to the pull of side parting and core pulling distance and height and distance, thickness of mould.

the basic principles of gating system design including exhaust is good, process short, to prevent deformation and insert core shift, easy to repair, to prevent the plastic parts warp distortion, the reasonable design of cold material hole or material overflow groove, the cross-sectional area of the gating system and length should be of little value. Mainstream way is usually located in the center of the mould, casting system from the injection molding machine nozzle in contact with the mold gate set starting until distributary channel of the plastic melt flow channel, was part of the melt flows through the first mold.

when on design mould, need to check out in the form of injection molding, to make it clear that the use of injection molding machine center ejection or out on both sides, the largest out distance, plunger diameter, double top pole center distance, etc. , and should pay attention to in the area of the ejection mould push plate on both sides should be to cover the double top injection molding machine, injection molding machine of the largest ejection distance to ensure that can pull it from the mould, etc. Gating system refers to the mold in injection molding machine nozzle is beginning to mold plastic flow channel, its function is to make the plastic melt smoothly and successfully filled in the cavity, and the injection pressure in the filling and solidification process fully to the parts, in order to obtain the tightly controlled and clear shape of the plastic parts. The design of gating system is very important, therefore, it is good or bad performance of plastic parts, degree of difficulty appearance and shape has great influence.

gating system can be divided into the ordinary pouring system and coagulation material without runner gating system. Gating system generally by the mainstream way, distributary channel, gate and cold material point of four parts. The mainstream of the dow from contact part of the injection molding machine nozzle and mould have the a port of shunt way so far. The mainstream way in line with injection molding machine nozzle, molten plastic into the mold is the first through the channel. Shunt the dow between mainstream way and a passage between the gate, he is molten plastic transition from mainstream flows into the cavity of channels, can make the plastic flow to get a smooth transformation.

gate, also known as feed port, it is a narrow part of the split between tao and cavity, as well as the most short part of the gating system. A short narrow gate to make the shunt way transportation of molten plastic produces acceleration, form the ideal flow state and cavity, at the same time also to play the role of a closed cavity to prevent the reverse plastic, and is easy to make port setting after molding material from plastic parts. Slag hole is directly to the mainstream way of holes or slots. Its function is storing cold material produced during injection interval, in order to prevent the cold material into a mold and affect the quality of plastic parts, or even blocking gate and injection molding. When distributary channel is long, its end should also open cold material.

usually decorate on injection molding machine movement and fixed template template has a certain number and specifications of the screw hole, in order to install the fixed mould. Mould installation fixed form generally have fixed clamp and screw fixed two directly. When fixed with press plate, as long as the injection molding processing mould plate outside near the screw hole can be fixed, its flexibility is bigger. When fixed directly with screw, mold plate mounting holes on the position and size of the screw hole should be installed on the injection molding machine templates, otherwise can't install. Screw and the number of the clamp, general motion, each with 2 - 4.

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