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Monochrome multimode machined part injection molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Because the material melt temperature is low, the thick wall parts of cooling time was significantly shortened, shrinkage decreases, and will not cause by center shrinkage caves, so as to improve the quality of the injection molding processing apparent parts. A molding cycle time can be reduced 20% 50%. Apply to some local cooling forming dies hard. If some mold local cooling water can not pass, forming period be prolonged. And dynamic melt molding temperature is low, the melt into the cavity with a cavity wall thick stick sex good, this improves the cavity wall heat absorption efficiency, can greatly shorten the cooling time.

in many pair of injection mold between the clamping device can be the same parts of injection mold, can also be used for different kinds of parts. But should try to make the mould on the quality of product and the projection area is similar, in order to make various plastic mold force and flow rate balance. In addition, this kind of injection molding parts generally small. In each mold, injection mold has a separate mould and mould parts. Each module and a feed system of injection mold all have their own, turn for plastic injection molding, will be made contact with the injection molding machine nozzle and injection molding.

dynamic melt injection molding due to power the heat source of the melt is not rely on external heating cylinder, but by mechanical shear heat, so the material of low melting temperature, temperature difference is small. When external heating cylinder only in order to prevent the cylinder temperature undisturbed, so the material of low melting temperature, the temperature difference is small. When external heating cylinder only in order to prevent the cylinder temperature undisturbed, the cylinder of steady temperature field.

for each module and a mold demoulding mechanism has its own. When the injection nozzle fixed, while rotation or movement of injection moulds, injection mold a mold injection molding finished, transfer to or moving to the next that mold demoulding and. Clamping device of the trip to meet out and take out the parts and injection mold the space requirements of the system. Open mold, the clamping device between all die mold are still set apart. When injection molding machine nozzle rotating or slow movement and injection mold, the mold release is in the nozzle to or movement to the next, die to finish molding injection mold parting.

for horizontal rotating injection molding machine, each pair of mould center should be in the center of the nozzle is located on the radius of gyration, and mode between the phase Angle are equal. For vertical rotary injection molding machine, the center of each pair of mould should be on the same radius of gyration, and mold the phase Angle between the equal, in addition, the nozzle should be able to contact with the mould is very good, the center line of the nozzle should be with the center line of the mold on a straight line. To rotate for injection molding machine, injection molding, the rotary center of the injection head should be in the module of injection mold in the circle's center, the injection mold should be central Angle arrangement, etc.

monochromatic multimode a vertical rotating device features a rotary axis and the axis of the injection molding equipment and installation of vertical base level. The advantages of this kind of injection molding machine is plasticizing efficiency can make full use of the injection device. And shorten the molding cycle, especially suitable for mass production of parts. The downside is clamping force is small, in the case of injection pressure, prone to overflow parts edge. The overall structure of the single mold and general injection mold is the same, but this method of forming between the clamping device of the injection molding machine with multiple injection mold.

dynamic melt in the injection molding system by to forming and molding of plastic injection molding processing, dynamic melt injection molding machine parts, injection mold, etc. And general injection system of injection molding machine used in the main difference is that it. Dynamic melt injection molding is mainly produced by high speed rotation by injection molding machine screw mechanical shear heating, make instant molten material, compared with general injection molding, the material is affected by cylinder thermal process is small, and makes the material at low temperature injection filling cavity, cooling stereotypes can be obtained after zero parts.

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