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Morphology control improve the barrier property of plastic

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Morphology control improve the barrier property of plastic mainly said the crystallization and orientation of plastic two aspects. Of crystallization, the higher, the crystallinity of injection molding products processing, crystallization is neat and the smaller crystal size are not conducive to small molecules through a gas, liquid, to improve the ability to block. For orientation, orientation degree is higher, on the one hand, products of the higher intensity, and on the other hand orientation can improve the crystallinity and crystal size reduction, both can improve the barrier property.

molding process orientation is not big, the effective method to improve orientation for two-way stretch. Plastic through two-way stretch not only crystal size is reduced greatly, and also can improve the crystallinity. The principle for drawing can make the crystallization of the original broken and smaller, on the other hand stretch orientation, make small molecule arrangement more neat and orderly, and thus improve the crystallinity and tightness. Two-way stretch can raise the common barrier property of injection molding products processing.

most of the packing for the barrier property of plastic will have varying degrees of increase. Oxygen agent is a spontaneous and slow react with oxygen and absorbing oxygen substances. Oxygen dose not indefinitely, give play to the role of oxygen, the life of a certain period, when after the reaction with oxygen, oxygen have lost.

surface coating treatment is on general plastic processing products coated with a layer of barrier property of organic materials and inorganic materials, it is a very effective barrier modification methods, and has obtained the widespread application. Surface chemical treatment is to point to in the plastic products surface chemical reaction, change its surface chemical properties, such as increasing its surface polarity and the cohesive energy density and so on, so as to achieve the goal of improve the barrier property.

plastic products through the interactions between molecules to form a crosslinked structure, its closer between macromolecules, small molecules to prevent or postpone the diffusion of gas, liquid, and achieve the goal of improve the barrier property.

plastic additive is an indispensable auxiliary materials in plastic industry, its mechanism research, products development and the application effects of the plastic products processing has a close relationship with the improvement of technical level, the broadening of the application of plastic products, plastic auxiliary role more and more important. Now some widely used additives, due to the increasing market demand, expanding production scale, technology development also towards large scale, product customization production development.

a lot of plastic additives in use process or production process, will do harm to the environment, therefore, development of environmentally friendly products, also known as the world's hot spots. As people on the improvement of product quality, performance requirements, and develop efficient, multi-functional plastic additives products, has become the focus of foreign big companies and research institutions.

our plastic additives production technology relatively fast development in recent years, but still exist many shortcomings compared with to the state. There main yield capacity is small, poor economies of scale and variety problem such as the consumption structure is not reasonable. To this end, we will in the adjustment of product structure, expand production capacity at the same time, the highly effective, the ruling or low toxicity, multi-function, and after matches injection molding processing and intensify the development of new products, improve our plastic additives production and scientific research and development level.

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