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MZY solid synthesis and application of flame retardant

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Fire caused huge losses to people each year has aroused the attention of some industry successively formulated strict laws and regulations to limit the use of the flame retardant items, these laws and regulations formulated for textile fire happened played an important role, but to really put an end to the hidden danger of the fire, on the one hand, to improve people's awareness of fire prevention, another is to have a good flame retardant products for people to choose. MZY add solid flame retardant, the product's features are: insoluble in water, insoluble in organic solvents, also has excellent flame retardant properties.

with flame retardant has a variety of compounds, its chemical composition, structure, method of use is different also, mainly is based on the periodic table some flame retardant elements made his writing compounds, these elements on different substrates when its flame retardant flame retardant effect have very big difference, flame retardant mechanism is different also, through the analysis of all kinds of flame retardant mechanism of flame retardant elements that, as a flame retardant fiber products, sulphur, phosphorus, nitrogen is better, they are in addition to their different functions in the process of combustion mechanism play a role of flame retardant, also can produce phosphorus - obviously Nitrogen synergistic effect, improve the flame retardant effect, reduce the dosage of flame retardants. P - Nitrogen flame retardant system at low temperatures can cause sugar into coke and water, increase the coke residue generation, inhibit heat from combustion surface to inner, and nitrogen compounds with strengthening agent, foaming agent and coke and phosphide at high temperature can form dense dilatability of coke layer, insulation, oxygen protective effect.

the control of the reaction temperature, reaction temperature had a great influence on the quality of the products, low temperature and long reaction time, will extend the production cycle, increase the production cost, crosslinking curing is not good. High temperature, while the reaction speed, however, certain ammonium compounds can precipitate a certain degree of decomposition, affect the performance of the product.

crosslinking agent to add for good, fast and slow speed of production is adverse. Time is too slow reaction speed is reduced, growth. Fast reaction, appear even material overflow phenomenon. So, crosslinking agent to join the speed to make the reaction smoothly as well, the general control about 1 h.

grinding fineness of product influence is very big, however the product fineness on the flame retardancy and plays a very important role. The fineness of the fine products, grinding and processing the harder it is, the higher the cost of the product, so for the product fineness master should depends on the purpose of the product.

flame retardant had a great influence on the stability of the adhesive, and with the increase of addition amount, influence degree increase, however, to attain a better flame retardant flame retardant particleboard dose must meet certain proportion, therefore, this method is to add a certain limit. The amount of flame retardant directly affect the flame retardant performance is good or bad.

a: polystyrene flame retardants, bromine generation directly click.
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