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Organic flame retardants

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The performance of bromine series flame retardant stand out. At present, its usage is second only to inorganic flame retardants. Although the consumption of it is smaller than inorganic flame retardants, but because of its small dosage than inorganic flame retardants. In flame retardant plastic processing products, at present the most added for organic bromide.

bromide flame retardant effect of several aspects: 1. Isolation effect, bromide combustion generated hydrogen bromide can be up to combustion and the role of the air separation plant. 2. Eliminate the effect of molecular hydrogen bromide is a kind of very good free radical catching agent. From the compatibility with plastic and aliphatic bromide is best. But the poor thermal stability of aliphatic bromide, injection molding processing temperature is not higher than 205 ℃, and aromatic bromide processing temperature up to 305 ℃. In general, bromine flame retardants jun Shared with antimony oxide, in order to give full play to its flame retardant effect.

nitrogen phosphorus flame retardant agent is often referred to as expansion type flame retardant, phosphorus and nitrogen as effective flame retardant composition is the recent development of a new type flame retardant, this kind of flame retardant in when heated, can form a layer of uniform carbon foam layer, the plastic barrier for its, and can prevent molten drops.

phosphorus-containing flame retardants of phosphate is very important. Red phosphorus is generally classified as inorganic flame retardants, phosphate flame retardant effect principle is that they will break down after heated, produce phosphoric acid, phosphoric acid and aggregated into strong dehydration ability of polyphosphoric acid. Polyphosphoric acid can promote the carbonization reaction of plastic, the plastic surface layer of the carbonized membrane, thereby the isolation effect. Phosphate ester containing halogen flame retardant effect will be better, phosphate flame retardants, the biggest drawback is high temperature resistant performance is bad. Phosphide, oxide of high temperature resistant performance is better than phosphate, especially carbonized material, has excellent resistance to high temperature performance, but because of their fire retardant effect is poorer, or the price is very expensive, currently in use is less common.

MCA not only has good flame retardant effect can be used independently, can also with phosphate, bromine flame retardants and antimony oxide has good synergy, can also be combined with other additives, good flame retardant effect.

chlorine is flame retardant and bromine series flame retardant flame retardant effect is the same, but the flame retardant efficiency is poor. At the same time, some toxicity is higher than the corresponding bromide chloride, and the release of carbon tetrachloride carcinogenic when burning. Therefore, although the price is lower than bromine flame retardants, but its dosage is much less than the br.

in polyolefin and melamine is commonly used in polyurethane (pu) and its derivatives as flame retardant, can make the surface of injection molding products processing dehydrated and carbonized, isolation effect is produced. The flame retarding mechanism of MCA generally considered physical flame retardant. The flame retardant effect is to change the thermal degradation process of PA, make it quick directly carbonized form incombustible carbon layer, cover the effect that carbon foam expansion and burning in materials. In addition, the decomposition of water, nitrogen and other non-flammable gas through the foaming materials into body, greatly reduces the thermal conductivity, but also to materials from self-extinguishing fire. MCA in the process of flame retardant materials showing at the same time promote the double function of coking and foaming, is the key to the flame retardant effect.

a: silicone flame retardant application is limited, just click.
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