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Other plastic modified additives

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Light stabilizer market prospect depends largely on the growth rate of polyolefin resin outdoor applications, because of its overall demand growth rate higher than the polyolefin, and polyolefin consumption growth rate higher than that of many other resin, polyolefin light stabilizer accounted for about 60% of the total amount of light stabilizer, especially polyolefin replace metal and engineering plastics in automotive and other applications. In addition, styrene series plastic light stabilizer dosage also further improve, coupled with an increase in the amount of other kinds of stabilizer, make the world light stabilizer market continues to maintain a certain growth.

heat stabilizer is an important part of plastic additives, is an indispensable in the processing of PVC additives category. With the rapid development of our PVC industry, drive our plastic heat stabilizers research and development, production and application of rapid development. Heat stabilizer of consumption and consumption of PVC resin and PVC hard products is associated with increased proportion, along with the expansion of application field in our PVC chemical building materials, in particular, rapid growth in the amount of profiles etc, the demand for PVC will increase significantly. Our current heat stabilizer has certain exports, but on the whole, heat stabilizer products is not high, export varieties mainly lead salt heat stabilizers, and import a certain amount of composite lead salts and organic tin heat stabilizer, to meet the needs of our injection molding processing industry.

stabilizer production technology, variety development and application is very important to the development of PVC industry, because a new batch of PVC production plant in recent years gradually put into production, and many imported device size is larger, better quality and quantity of heat stabilizer proposed requirements, combined with the market competition, and many other factors to stimulate and promote, our PVC heat stabilizer have developed many new technology and new varieties.

organic tin stabilizer is one of good PVC heat stabilizer, and is suitable for high transparent injection molding processing products. The metal stearate soap stabilizer, mainly zinc stearate and magnesium stearate, calcium or barium compounds. With the use of organic auxiliary stabilizer composite metal soap products appear constantly. Due to our antimony and abundant rare earth resources, low price comparison and antimony series and rare earth stabilizer, cost-effective, good transparency, weatherability, storage is also stable. Therefore, in regard to the development of heat stabilizer of new products, over the past few years we accelerate the development of antimony and rare earth stabilizers.

as the global environmental protection and health consciousness gradually strengthened, plastic heat stabilizer in the direction of low toxicity, no pollution, composite and efficient development. Due to the lead as heavy metal has serious harm to human body health, since the 90 s, 20th century, some developed countries and regions have established limit lead, and the relevant rules on the north. So in recent years the hotspot in the research and development of heat stabilizer is the expectation of lead products, and constantly promote its industrial production. More articles:

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