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Oxidant chemical oxidation method and injection molding processing

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Oxidant chemical oxidation method is to use strong oxidizer surface processing of injection molding products processing, make its surface oxidation reaction to generate polar groups, so as to improve the surface wettability of a surface treatment method.

chemical oxidation treatment method and influence factors,
surface pretreatment before the oxidation treatment, adopt the appropriate solvent, in the injection molding products processing surface uneven holes, increase the surface roughness, the oxidation of liquid and plastic product surface contact area increases, thus improve the effect of oxidation treatment.

and the factors affecting the effect of surface treatment in the best state for performance under the condition of without affecting the original products, surface wettability, the higher the better. But if the degree of oxidation is too big, can cause aging, injection molding processing products surface affect the bonding degree is strong.

affected by the oxidation effect of temperature on the antioxidant. Generally increases with temperature, oxidation, but temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant also. Such as high temperature, the decline in efficiency of oxidation instead. Effect increased with the extension of time, the oxidation, but after reaching to a certain extent, gentle change, include control of oxidation time.

solvent impregnated method is dealing with plastic surface with an appropriate solvent, solvent and plastic surface dissolution, adsorption and chemical reaction etc, so as to remove surface oil, dissolve the weak boundary layer and increase the surface roughness and improve the effect of surface polarity, improve the adhesion of plastic, printing and stratification.

solvent choice corresponds to a specific plastic varieties, one is the requirement of the solubility parameter approaching, the second is the solvent should not plastic products surface erosion. Different solvents on the surface of plastic processing products processing effect is different, most of which the effect of solvent for decontamination, but some of the solvent but also has a deeper role.

silicate treatment method is mainly used for PTFE surface activation treatment, it is the use of porous PTFE six4 after processing, then through hydrolysis, the generated sulfonic acid adsorption on the surface of porous PTFE products, so as to improve surface bonding performance. Silicate processing shall not change its inherent chemical structure, and can achieve the goal of surface activation.

alkaline degreaser treatment method is to use hot caustic effect on oil saponification, namely oil under the action of alkali, hydrolysis can generate soluble fatty acid sodium, removing the saponification animal fats. Acidic degreasing process is organic acid or inorganic acid and the mixture of surfactant and its function for the oxidation decomposition to remove dirt on the surface of the injection molding processing products.

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