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Silane coupling agent and silica modification

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Compared with white carbon black, small size, large specific surface area of white carbon black, filled vulcanizates higher tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance jun; But it has poor compatibility with hydrocarbon rubber, a large number of filled rubber viscosity is bigger, injection molding processing and processing performance variation with the extension of storage time, storage difficulty after hardening, rubber extrusion and molding issue such as difference of viscosity, filling rubber also easy to produce static accumulation.

in order to achieve the ideal effect, coupling agent and carbon black filler should join before other compound, in order to prevent the other compound molecules, occupy the filler surface and its activity is affected and be absorbed by other compound or termination of the reaction of filler and coupling agent. Must be after filling agent and coupling agent to join, to make the raw rubber and filler interactions between maximum. When the mixing temperature rise sharply to the temperature needed for the reaction, to join the modification effects of silane coupling agent can make to achieve ideal state; In filling agent is mixed evenly and reaches a certain temperature, then add oil, and other additives. By adding silane coupling agent, mixing temperature should not be more than thermal crosslinking reaction temperature, otherwise it will produce interference. In white carbon black modified by silane coupling agent at the same time, the general will add alcohol surfactant, to shorten curing time, promote the vulcanization reaction.

the people in the study of silane coupling agent modified silica filler static performance at the same time, also in the study its dynamic performance. , with the increase of white carbon black by the elasticity of rubber is reduced, the modulus increase. This is because the filler interferes with the deformation of the rubber molecules, packing and chemical combination increases the molecular chain of rubber molecule movement of resistance, and filling adhesive molecules is greater than the actual deformation of pure gel, so fill the lag and modulus of adhesive increases.
due to contain large amounts of white carbon black surface silanol groups, enhances the interaction between packing, lead to the dispersion of silica in rubber carbon black. General adding silane coupling agent can improve the dispersion of white carbon black. Can make use of electron microscope and atomic force microscope observation or emission measurement method is used to study the dispersion of white carbon black in rubber. Combined with rubber reflects the interaction of fillers and polymer, including physical adsorption and chemical adsorption and mechanical action. By comparing the growth trend of the combination of carbon black rubber, filling can be thought of stored during filling combination of white carbon black rubber adhesive content increase is due to the packing and rubber by silane coupling agent chemical reaction happened.

the current research and application of a lot of silane coupling agent is TESPT, although they can effectively and the coupling effect of white carbon black, improve the dispersion of silica in rubber, increase the combination of gel content, improve the physical performance of white carbon black filled rubber and dynamic mechanical properties, but in the modification of silica filled rubber, coupling agent containing sulfur bond relative molecular mass is bigger, need a long time in the mixing process and high temperature reaction fully with white carbon black, so we will strictly control temperature.

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