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by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Organic silicone flame retardants is a new type of halogen-free flame retardant, also is a kind of type into charcoal smoke suppression agent, he gives excellent flame retardant polymer smoke suppression sex at the same time, also can improve the injection molding processing performance of materials and improve the mechanical strength of materials, especially the impact strength at low temperature. Of general electric company silicone flame retardant is a kind of transparent and viscous polymer, can with a variety of agent and use, has been used with flame retardant polyolefin, low dosage can meet the requirements of general flame retardant, high dosage can give base material excellent flame retardant and smoke suppression sex, make the strict flame-retardant materials can be used to fire and flame retardant system cannot apply before.

due to the unique properties of organic silicone flame retardants, they cannot use containing halogen flame retardants will be get more extensive application, with silicone compound flame retardant polymer will open a new flame retardant materials market. At the same time, new silicone flame retardant and silicon compounds will come out on the basis of flame retardants. Nucycle is developed for money, it is made of polycarbonate and the development of new silicone flame retardant of mixing material, do not contain halogen flame retardant, high safety, strength and recyclability. And a new generation of this kind of product performance more superior, can not only meet the needs of transparent electronic products, which can meet the injection molding processing products factory are faced with the increasingly improve the safety and environmental protection requirements.

a new generation of Nucycle transparency is very high, this is by modified silane flame retardant agent to achieve good performance both transparent and flame retardant. Remain after the recycling materials, safety, heat resistance and mechanical properties of products can be lighter, with market competitiveness. Silane flame retardants used in institutions and silane compounds, can be subtle and evenly dispersed in the resin, flame retardant efficiency, combustion and process does not produce toxic substances.

the world environmental protection demand is higher and higher, to the environment have received many countries pay attention to good environmental friendly fire retardant, many developed countries invested heavily in research and development, international cooperation is also carried out frequent sex. We should strengthen the research on the application of environmental friendly flame retardant, promote our production and development of flame retardant, meet the needs of our rapid development of plastic industry, at the same time to speed up our flame retardant industry product structure adjustment.

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