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Silk screen printing

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Pad printing process can print all kinds of complex irregular surface, and even quite rough surface plastic parts. Due to the use of gravure, text and delicate designs can accurate printing. Printing ink dry quickly, so not by dry process, can realize continuous multi-color printing. Machine intaglio a reciprocating motion, then ink tank round ink scraper to scratch space, in gravure printing ink were transferred to the silicone head, again by the silicone head pad printing on plastic products processing.

after finishing of the plastic parts, to achieve high decoration requirements of product design, often need to increase the polishing process. Polishing can make coating has a soft, stable luster, make more smooth coating level. Polishing must be conducted when it reached the highest in the coating hardness. Thermoplastic plastic products polishing should be keep in cool state, so as to avoid deformation of fabrication. Screen printing is also called silk printing or printing, it is will be made on the silk screen printing design, there is no design are covered parts of the mesh, there are the parts through mesh penetration ink printing design.

the pad printing began, will apply to the gravure printing ink, ink scraper will then redundant ink scrape. , rubber head down, on the gravure printing ink is transferred to the rubber head, and then through the rubber head pad printing patterns to the surface of the plastic products. Pad printing technology is the key to use a soft silicone rubber head, shaw can be selected according to the shape of the printed by a hardness of 10 - 50 offset printing head, so that when the pad printing can along the plastic deformation of the shape of the free, and offset printing head material and ink should have a good affinity, smooth transfer of ink from the gravure offset printing head.

printing domestically produced as a mimeograph, tensioning wire mesh and fixed in a rigid online first, and then will be printing mesh coated the surface of the plastic parts, use a soft scraping blade or rubber roller ink blowing silk screen on the surface, make the ink through the mesh plate, will ink printed onto the surface of the plastic parts, ink evenly dispersed to form continuous coating, which get the design need to be printed. The choice of ink is the key factor for silk screen printing quality.

screen printing ink should have leakage, the appropriate flow flat silk, netting, no sag resistance. For some applications will require a certain hardness and abrasion resistance. In addition, ink and printing plastic due and certain compatibility on the chemical properties, on the polarity of polyolefin plastic parts, the surface processing is necessary. Can manual screen printing, also can use semi-automatic or fully automatic screen printing machine.

in the coloring process using a variety of special paint to get the special optical effect, has developed a lot in the injection molding processing and finishing process with special optical effect of decorative coatings, such as pearl paint, coating, coating and coating of luminous crystal. Luminous paint is divided into two kinds, one is the fluorescent pigment, 2 it is phosphor coating. If you mix the two to use, can become a new type of coating can shine day and night.

the characteristics of the silk screen printing, can print plane parts, also can print cylindrical, cone and cross section for the oval and the geometry of the surface of the products. The thickness of the ink can be precisely controlled, can be very thin or thick. Ink layer thick products, stereo sense is strong, the fullness of the patterns or text. Pad printing is a kind of gravure offset printing, pad printing equipment is mainly composed of pad printing equipment, printing ink, plastic head, plate and other parts.

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