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Single screw extruder extrusion process

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
LCP molecular chain for rod rigid or semi-rigid chain's unique structure, low melt viscosity, good processing and injection molding processing flow, using in situ composite technique on the processability of UHMWPE modification. As the LCP, with the increase of adding amount of UHMWPE blend melt flow rate increased. On the premise of guarantee performance of the finished products, in order to minimize resistance and lower power consumption, add cheap liquidity compound modified additives, lubrication and outside lubrication way within lower melt viscosity and adhesion of equipment, and improve the melt strength of the pipe to ensure smooth traction.

mix of finished material from the hopper into the extruder, the feeding, compression, melting, homogenization and other process, within the outer cylinder heating and screw under the action of shear, by a solid step by step into a viscous elastomer, and continuously through the nose. Under the appropriate set temperature, from extruder extruding UHMWPE melt by filtering plate by rotation movement into linear motion, into the pipe mold, after shunt bar type gradually in the forming period of fusion for tubular billet.

LCP is the mid - 1980 - s to industrialization of a high performance engineering materials. Refers to the state under certain conditions can form liquid crystal polymer. Liquid crystal state is between fully isotropic liquid and orderly crystal a thermodynamic stability of the phase behavior. On liquid crystal polymer has both the fluidity of liquid and crystal optical anisotropy phase-out, position can be seen as disordered crystal, can also be seen as orientation and orderly fluid.

out from the mold of the heat pipe billet after entering cooling sizing stage, the temperature of the material is falling, this is the pipe under the condition of moderate guarantee form curing finalize the design. Established pipe under the action of traction device, even move forward. Under the control of the photoelectric signal, by rotating fly knife type cutting machine to complete pipe fixed length cutting, and ensure the cross section is flat and level. Cut pipe forward, under the control of the photoelectric signal institutions is pushed to the side to pattern, and then move out by the workers.

in order to make the UHMWPE can carry on the extrusion processing in normal extrusion machine, through blending modification method to improve the flow properties of UHMWPE, such as adding middle and low molecular weight polyethylene blend modification, liquid crystal polymer blending modification, etc. UHMWPE with a certain proportion of medium and low molecular weight polyethylene blend, the middle and low molecular weight polyethylene in exceeds its melting point, ACTS like a liquid, so when the mixture of UHMWPE with medium and low molecular weight polyethylene when heated to above the melting point of low molecular weight polyethylene, low molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE powder suspended in the liquid phase, forming a pumping slurry material are available.

single screw extruder extruding UHMWPE pipe technology is through screw plasticization and promote role, realize the continuous extrusion of UHMWPE pipe, efficiency improved obviously, make the UHMWPE onto a new stage of forming technology. Using high-speed mixer, UHMWPE resin injection tooling, processing AIDS and other materials obtained by high-speed stirring evenly dispersed, and through the friction heat raw material moisture content in central branch office.

add in low molecular weight polyethylene can improve the processability of UHMWPE resin, but also make some physical properties of UHMWPE decreased, especially the wear resistance, hardness, etc. If add 1% mass fraction of nucleating agent - Pyrolysis of silica, can reduce the influence of low molecular weight polyethylene on the physical properties of UHMWPE. The nucleating agent, smaller the particle size, surface area, particle size of 5 - 50 um, surface area is 100 - 400.

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