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Skin material and decorative film

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Has the very high light transmittance and impact resistance engineering plastics injection molding and processing PC is the first selection of window material, through organic silicon hardening treatment can improve the surface hardness, and plasma coating of this new technology, can make the processed surface of the PC board at almost wear-resisting level of the glass. Another can be used to manufacture transparent window material is polyester type TPU, this material has been developed by bayer company to produce the light color of a well-known brand of car rear window.

car protective film is mainly used for automobile engine hood under the leading edge, car front and rear bumpers, door plate, key lock device, door lock handle and so on coating, and the rest of the need to protect from stone chips, wear resistant and protect the car paint, etc. Because of polyester type TPU film can be used as car protective film of the fine material, this kind of 0. 2 mm thick film. Its one side coated with pressure sensitive adhesive and from type paper line, light transmittance as high as 94%, turbidity and mist is lower than 1%, film has a very high gloss, bright color matching with cars. Use the protective film can use relatively less investment in car maintenance, to keep the car has a good appearance.

as a result of the plastic parts design flexibility, can use different from the glass window design style and design, so as to bring in the design of the innovation. In the aspect of processing, has low internal stress and large area of plastic window parts moulding technology have made great progress, make the molding large plastic window into reality. In previous forming large radian curve of the glass window. Processing is not easy, the cost is very high, if you want to achieve certain stiffness, is bound to increase the thickness of the glass, increase the weight a lot, so as to raise a lot of body's center of gravity, compared with plastic, can, under the same impact strength, use thin material, the weight will reduce a lot, decreases in the center of gravity so as to improve the safety performance of the car.

car decorative film is based on a 1 md technology and TSF technique, the forming film. 1 md technology is a decorative film after punching into billet, the hot forming the shape of the final product, put it in the injection mould cavity after correction, again from behind the cavity inject a with the same matrix resin, finally get the finished product. TSF technology is a decorative film extrusion or composite to a piece of thick plate, and then directly to the thick plate thermal forming products.

1 md and TSF technology is application in automobile purpose, alternative I paint process, reduce the decoration cost. Typical decorative film have GE SLX film, is a kind of amorphous PC copolymer, has the good transparency, heat resistance, scratch resistance, impact resistance and weatherability. Film is usually transparent/colored layer structure, namely the co-extrusion film is transparent outer layer, the inner layer is protected colored layers. Similar decorative film and PMMA transparent colored/PMMA layer, etc. Cars using this technique can make the products get A level surface, or with the surface of the metal bright color.

TPO lighter quality, has a long linear and color stability, resistance to ultraviolet through injection tooling modification technology can achieve with PVC is very close to the softness. There is a big potential market. Ester of TPU and has good low temperature heat aging resistance, and the skin is easy to be with foaming PUR cohere, without additional bonding agent. TPU also have good ultraviolet resistance, made of its skin, inside the car can keep all kinds of bright colors and does not need to spray. Compared with PVC skin, TPU skin thickness is small, so can reduce about 30%, and the feel is good, small negative impact to the environment.

transparent plastic as new window material into the automobile design domain. This suggests that car window position, the traditionally made of glass as window material of the device will use plastic instead. Use transparent plastic as the window material advantage is obvious. Light weight, collision in a car accident, the glass won't hurt people, it is well known, but experts believe that decision is the key element of a plastic window parts design combination of flexibility and components.

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