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Some factors influencing the performances of plastics

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
The existence of the fusion line significantly influence the appearance quality of the injection molding processing products, and, more importantly, the fusion area local mechanical strength significantly lower than outside the rest of the fusion line, the structure for the design, especially the parts under dynamic load, should draw high attention. Is an important design principle, set the fusion line in the use of appearance or the part of the performance impact. In addition, the need to be added, good runner design scheme can be as much as possible to reduce quality problems caused by the fusion line.

the existence of internal stress and distribution to lower mechanical properties, optical performance can not reach the desired effect, later encountered in the process of using high temperature parts, or under the effect of oil and chemical reagents, it is easy to cause stress cracking. On residual internal stress in products, we can timely to reduce or eliminate the heat treatment. There are a lot of products such as appearance defects, such as stripes, dent, surface finish, wrinkling, and inner cavity, bubble is more caused by the processing conditions or improper mold design. Some defects can reduce mechanical properties and may become the crack caused by an underlying cause.

the gate, the entrance to a polymer melt into the mold cavity. It can be in one or more of the parts, and there are different types of gate can be. Different type of gate, gate to determine the number and location of the final size, the product appearance quality and use of products performance has a great influence, especially mechanical properties. Fusion line due to the cavity in the polymerization of the separation and convergence of the logistics striker. Products are in the hole, insert, or more than one gate and the thickness change cases there will be a fusion line.

the pretreatment of the raw material before finished products processing, all kinds of components in the process of mixing evenly dispersed, and products of secondary processing after forming, including welding, machining, assembly, surface finishing and so on, due to the involved and chemical erosion of the solvent, the action of forces will have an effect on product performance. Processing on the impact of the change of process parameters on product performance and are related to the intrinsic material properties and the design of the parts.

in the premise of reasonable product design, control the change of the processing conditions, can be all kinds of effects to a minimum, so as to produce the appearance quality and intrinsic quality plastic parts are satisfied. Product design can be roughly includes two aspects: the content of the 1. Process design, mainly in order to meet the processing requirements, ensure the quality of processing and consideration of design. 2. Functional design, including to meet the aesthetic function, the use function, environmental protection function, social function and other functions in the broadest sense of the requirement of design. It is important to use a function.

processing after injection molding processing products may have residual stress exists, especially in injection molding products with universality. For example, the flow in the cavity surface melt by rapid cooling. Caused by uneven thickness of melt uneven cooling, as well as products such as forced stripper, can produce internal stress. Due to the orientation of internal stress can lead to anisotropy parts, cooling of uneven stress will result in warping deformation of products.

in general, the design must meet the processing requirements, and will not be able to process the design would be tantamount to climb a tree to look for fish parts, machining parts design, it is difficult due to the complexity of mould design and increase the processing cost, also, the processing quality not guaranteed product design is not desirable. Injection molding, blow molding products have the trace of the parting line, he directly affect the appearance quality of parts, may also be induced by stress concentration area.

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