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Sporting goods design materials

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Struck equipment the skeleton of the injection molding processing and thermosetting resin reinforced material, more use pultrusion molding process, the skeleton used thermoplastic of reinforced material, can use the gas-assisted injection molding or molten core injection molding process, to take advantage of the hollow structure. Tennis racket, for example, the tennis racket frame is opposite sex hollow structure, material using carbon fiber reinforced nylon, in molten core injection molding technology. The material and the structure gives the best rigidity and strength of the racket, at the same time and is very light in weight.

for high strength, high modulus and lightweight and durable sports equipment, polymer matrix composites is undoubtedly the most ideal choice. Polymer matrix can be thermoplastic engineering plastics, such as PA and PET, can also be a thermosetting resin, such as unsaturated polyester and epoxy resin. Reinforced fiber would usually glass fiber, carbon fiber and aramid fiber, the carbon fiber reinforced plastic has the highest specific strength and modulus ratio, thus is widely used in all kinds of material of choice for sports equipment. Carbon fiber reinforced plastic while performance is superior, but the price is more expensive, so the requirement is not too high applicable occasions, also can choose the price is relatively cheap glass fiber reinforced plastic.

modelling design to help reduce the resistance of the air and water. To hit the requirements of the equipment is light weight and high strength. Structure is usually consists of two parts: core material and skeleton, core material with foam filling, and frame the use of high strength fiber reinforced materials. Hit the ball, with elastomer materials in the organizational structure, full use of the excellent energy absorption elastomer, such as badminton, golf, etc.

in the high modulus fiber, it is worth noting is referred to as of the third generation after the carbon fiber, aramid fiber, high performance fiber of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber. He is in the high performance fiber than the highest modulus, specific strength. By the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber reinforced composite materials have been used to make the sleigh, snowboarding, fishing rod, the racket, bicycle sports equipment, etc. Expected this kind of composites have great potential for development and wider application prospect.

from the point of view of economic and environmental point of view, the wood plastic composite material is a kind of alternative materials. Is made of wood plastic composite sports equipment have golf clubs, rackets, skis, etc. , and in some indoor and outdoor sports facilities, and will have more applications. Foam in the use of sport there are two main aspects of the application, one is as soft foam pad material, the second is hard foam as a structural material. When choose, should according to the equipment needed for hardness and modulus and the use of the environment, on the type of elastomer and specifications for choice.

sporting goods applicable material could be from the strength, toughness, aging resistance, processability and economy. Plastic injection tooling due to many varieties, wide range of performance, price difference is big, so according to the specific requirements of equipment on the material, equipment of applicable object, from the general plastics and engineering plastics to reinforced plastics can be included in the scope of choice of. Strength, modulus and density ratio, specific strength is one of the indicators to measure material carrying capacity.

the diversity of sports, the particularity of various projects, product design has a strong targeted. Reinforced composites is mainly used in the shell, the surface material, respectively using glass fiber, carbon fiber or aramid fiber reinforced thermosetting resin, by hand lay-up molding process or winding technology. Shell USES the thermoplastic resin with good strength, plastic process may be adopted. Such as skis, canoeing, sailing, the shell can be a molding.

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