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Standard injection molding processing and die set

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
When injection processing product design to consciously reduce the thickness of the bearing plate to save material, can be in between the back plate and the bottom plate, supporting columns. Due to the bad molds for small and medium-sized plate processing, so generally used to add columns, the method of the supporting plate stress cannot be obtained by simplified calculation, so can only consider from the position of the support column distribution, that is, the thickness of the bearing plate size of unsupported column two-thirds of the numerical calculation results. When the supporting column is circular, supporting columns can also have the guiding role of push board.

the basic structure of injection mold have a lot in common, so the mould standardization work is now basically in place. There are standard parts for sale on the market, it provides convenient conditions for manufacturing plastic injection mould. In the mold design, should according to the parts drawing and technical requirements, analysis, calculation, determine the scope of the type of shape and size, wall thickness, hole shape and hole, dimensional accuracy and surface performance requirements and materials performance, etc. , to make the plastic molding process, determine the inlet position, plastic pieces of weight and quantity of each molding, injection molding machine and selected models and specifications.

the working state of the injection mould is for a long period of time under alternating load, but also is accompanied by the change of alternating. Modern injection mould service life of at least hundreds of thousands of times, to millions of times more, so die must have sufficient strength and rigidity. The working status of elastic deformation, has a great influence in the quality of plastic parts, especially for high dimensional precision of plastic parts influence is greater.

the selected injection molding machine must meet the requirements of plastic parts and injection molding pressure, etc, in order to ensure the quality of plastic parts, also must be correct choose standard mould base, to save design and manufacture of time to ensure the quality of the mould. Shall calculate and determine the design, when take out the plastic injection mould stroke should be greater than to take out the plastic parts required, dynamic model of separate spacing, and the launch of the mould parts distance must be less than top rated ejection stroke of the hydraulic cylinder.

in order to ensure the quality of plastic parts and mold the use of performance and reliability of the mechanical properties of the die set combination parts, especially their strength and stiffness accurately check and calculation, so dynamic and fixed template and the length, width and thickness of the bearing plate size, thus the correct selection of the specifications of the die set. To prevent molding parts and each part of the structure under the effect of molding pressure deformation error occur components are called bearing parts.

at the bottom of the integral cavity due to constraints, under pressure from the melt wall along the height difference of deformation, the farther the distance from the bottom of the deformation. Die set is the basis of the design, manufacture plastic injection mold parts. In order to improve the quality of the mould, shorten the injection molding processing and mould manufacturing cycle, organizing specialized production. In order to adapt to mass into mass production of plastic molding, improve the mold precision and reduce the mold cost, mould standardization work is very important.

support plate is also called the moving mould plate, is to dynamic model of cushion chamber below a piece of plate, its effect is molding plastic melt under cavity or core force, the dynamic model to prevent excessive deflection deformation occurring at the bottom of the cavity or prevent the main core out core fixed board. Requirements for the design of the support plate, has the high degree of parallelism and the necessary hardness and strength, should be combined with the stress state of dynamic forming part of thickness calculation.

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