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Synthetic inorganic filler

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Precipitated calcium carbonate is also called the wet calcium carbonate, is made by the by-product of limestone or soda ash production, as the needle type or rhombic crystals, injection molding processing will increase the torque of processing machinery, is added in the product quantity not so much as in the type of calcium carbonate. However, whiteness and gloss is better than dry calcium carbonate.

the synthetic silica is also known as white carbon black, silica powder and silicon dioxide gas phase two. Different from natural products, they are not, but the amorphous powder. This kind of packing is mainly used for thermoplastics, after a small amount added to reduce the crack injection molding products processing, increase strength, improve the rigidity, reduce the linear expansion coefficient, improve performance, reduce extrusion expansion and thickening and improve the fluidity and thixotropy.

black according to the method, the method can be divided into furnace tank method and three types of petroleum coke powder carbon black. Furnace black the average particle size of the tank method, than its characteristics and carbon black used in thermoplastics, besides can enhance the effect also can improve its volumetric heat conductivity and temperature. Due to the good electrical conductivity, using carbon black as the packing of the products, have generally cannot achieve the antistatic effect of antistatic agent. In addition, he is black paint and light screening agent, can improve the light stability. Petroleum coke powder can increase some plastic tensile strength, hardness and heat resistance. Hollow carbon black powder can be used in the foam.

the properties of graphite and carbon black are similar, but the price is expensive, usage is limited, generally used to improve the lubrication performance of products, can give plastic self-lubricating properties. The lubrication effect depends on the structure of graphite, purity and particle size. If the appropriate choice different kinds and quantities of graphite. Graphite powder can and a lot of thermoplastics with extrusion technology are evenly mixed.

advantage is that they have the same shape of the glass beads, transparent, compressive strength, particle size controllable, and has a high thermal stability, thus can improve the rigidity of products, injection molding processing stability and thermal stability. In addition it has a small amount of oil absorption and can improve the advantages of products surface. Glass beads can only slightly reduce the liquidity of the polymer melt, can achieve high filling quantity. Under the mechanical load, glass beads can improve the stress distribution. Due to its wettability has a decisive influence on the performance of the compound, therefore need a silane coupling agent to deal with glass beads.

the application of carbon black in the plastic starts late, but the dosage gradually increased, second only to the calcium carbonate, talcum powder, accounting for a third of powder filler. Carbon black for plastic is classified according to size and coloring intensity. Of carbon black particle size small, usually more difficult than the coarse dispersion. Using carbon black also can obtain bulk electrical conductivity, improve the thermal deformation temperature.

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