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Use of recycled polypropylene modified

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Recycled PP tensile strength is low, the general injection molding products processing about 1825 mpa, with short glass fiber reinforced, the tensile strength of 3035 mpa. To improve the interfacial properties of fiber and resin, the dosage of coupling agent of general fiber content is 0. 2% - 1. 5%, is necessary for different conditions was determined. Recycled PP can also like recycled PE for chloride, chlorinated products have widely application. If the APP can be obtained by chlorination chlorination APP, it has excellent bonding properties, can manufacture dope. In addition, the CAPP can also be used for coatings, printing ink and polarity of the resin processing AIDS, etc.

for catalysis and catalytic degradation studies have indicated that the catalytic degradation of liquid product to substantially higher than the catalytic degradation of unsaturation, pyrolysis product is different also. Polypropylene in 40013 under the action of a catalyst decomposition, can produce a series of material. Research shows that the improvement of catalyst content, can improve the fluid production rate, and the amount of gas and residue; The kinds of catalyst on the yield and composition of the impact is not big. Temperature influence on the cracking reaction, temperature, fluid rate increased, and the residue percentage decreased, gas quantity slightly reduced.

grafting method are: 1. Solution method, adding peroxide initiator in the solvent of copolymerization. 2. Radiation method, under the high-energy radiation grafting. 3. Mixing method, melt in the presence of peroxide grafted with mixed molten state, often in the twin screw extruder.

recycled polypropylene can also like polyethylene crosslinking modification, the modification mechanism of resembles crosslinked polyethylene (PE). Polypropylene pyrolysis in about 380 c, thermal cracking and catalytic cracking can be performed. Use at the end of the silicon/aluminum powder as catalyst, catalyst can come in contact with the gas phase and liquid phase of pyrolysis products. Studies have shown that use liquid catalyst contact method, can get 69% of the liquid product, has the boiling point, the gas phase catalytic contact, can obtain 54% liquid products, and get the product rate is much lower.

pyrolysis atmosphere have an effect on cracking products, under the atmosphere steam cracking can improve liquid rate, in addition, other mixed with waste plastics, not found in addition to the polymer pyrolysis products outside of the product itself, namely no interaction in the cracking reaction occurred such as collaborative response. Under the condition of medium temperature cracking, fluid rate at about 70%, appropriate improvement techniques to increase the liquid rate to 85%.

the performance of the graft modification of polymer materials is associated with the physical and chemical properties of grafted material, also with grafting material content, graft chain length and so on, its basic performance and used for injection molding processing of polypropylene are similar, but with the polarity of polymer materials, inorganic materials, rubber and so on, it may improve the compatibility, and grafted PP crystallinity and melting point with the increase of grafting content decreased, transparency and low temperature heat sealing is up.

in chemical modification of polypropylene and grafting, block copolymerization modification, etc. Purpose of polypropylene grafting modification is to improve, polarity of polypropylene and metal plastic, inorganic filler adhesion or increase solubility. Grafted unit is commonly used in the polyene acid and its ester, maleic anhydride and its ester, maleic imide and so on.

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