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Usually thermosetting plastic injection molding

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Injection moulding, due to the injection molding stage under the condition of parting surface is not closed, so can use very low injection pressure, thus can greatly reduce the thermosetting plastic melt to the barrel, screw and mould gating system of wear and tear. In addition, the injection molding conditions for molding the exhaust is strong, can simplify the structure of the exhaust. Injection molding parts of common injection molding parts of density, size stability, high mechanical strength, electrical parts level can achieve the compression molding injection molding plant.

thermosetting plastic injection molding system consists of thermosetting plastics, thermosetting plastic injection molding machine and thermoset plastic injection mold, etc. Thermosetting plastic injection molding work material cycle similar to those of thermoplastic injection molding. The thermosetting plastic injection molding mold installation in special thermosetting plastic injection molding machine, work by injection molding machine clamping mechanism locking. Thermosetting plastic injection mold of the basic structure similar to those of thermoplastic injection mold, the main difference is that a thermosetting plastic injection mold parting surface contact area small as far as possible, the layout of the cavity in the parting surface to symmetry and the projection area of the center center collocated with the clamping force of injection molding machine, otherwise it will cause serious material overflow.

the temperature of the distributary channel are usually not strict requirements, so may have some of the shunt way condensate after molding, and fabricated parts. Runner injection mold parts temperature of utilization rate of raw materials not high utilization rate of raw materials of runner injection mold, the mold structure are relatively simple. Thermosetting plastic injection moulding is a comprehensive plastic injection and molding the advantages of two kinds of molding process of new production technology, if USES the cold runner in the mould at the same time, is also known as the cold flow channel injection moulding, it can also have the advantages of the three kinds of molding process.

try to reduce the number of with spell a template, and mould should have enough strength and rigidity. Molding parts material requirements of heat-resisting, wear-resisting, hardness is higher, especially at the gate. To complete the curing of plastic forming, mould heating device to design. Temperature of thermosetting plastic flow injection molding is also sometimes a cold runner injection molding, such as molding method and the thermoplastic hot runner injection molding, are designed to save port setting material in production.

temperature flow injection, is for all or part of the pouring system with the temperature of cooling medium under strict control, to ensure that flows through the internal plastic melt will not achieve crosslinking curing temperature, thus can avoid setting material in the gating system, molding parts can be completely without pouring system after coagulation. Normal after a certain after the technical transformation of thermoset injection molding machine, injection moulding are released.

has electric heating and heat pipe type heating source, general electric heating. Heating hot runner injection mold according to the gate structure is divided into some water the mouth, valve type water mouth, direct watering mouth three categories. Thermosetting plastic injection molding principle is to add thermosetting plastic cylinder, through to the cylinder outer heat and friction heat of plastic screw rotates on plastic heating, melting and flow, the screw under the strong pressure of the molten material with thick gel through cylinder nozzle injection mold gate, runner and cavity, in a chemical reaction under high temperature and high pressure, after a period of pressure curing, open the injection mold, a quick curing parts. Used in the injection molding machine for thermosetting plastics injection molding machine. Thermosetting molding plastic flow distance than is 100 - 180.

completely temperature flow type is for the whole gating system of injection moulds temperature by cooling medium under strict control, to ensure that flows through the internal plastic melt cannot reach crosslinking curing temperature, avoid condensation in gating system of material to make after molding injection molding processing parts can be completely without pouring system setting. Part temperature flow type and the cooling medium of the mainstream way to strictly control the temperature, prevent the plastic melt in the main flow path of the main cross-linking hardening.

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