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When cold slug well injection tooling design

by:CSSSLD     2021-01-23
Distributary channel position using the mold or open separately in the template, also can open at the same time on the dynamic and fixed template. Clamping after the formation of the distributary channel cross-section shape depends mainly on injection molding processing, plastic mold structure characteristics and the parts out. Usually bypass road is located in the dynamic model of a side, additional port setting material will be conducive to open mold when out. Commonly used distributary channel cross section shape of circle, trapezoidal, u-shaped and hexagonal, etc. In order to reduce the pressure loss of flow passage, and hope to cross section area of flow channel, think in terms of heat transfer, in order to reduce heat loss, and require port specific surface area of the smallest. Therefore, with the cross section area of flow channel and the ratio of the circumference to represent the efficiency of the flow channel.

at the bottom of the cold material at the bottom of the well with a pull rod material including a pull rod, pull rod material is located in the core fixed board, so he can't with demoulding mechanism motion. Pull rod material made with lateral concave head often in the form of common are spherical, false tooth, taper and conical. Among them, the cone without the effect of cold storage material, it only by plastic package force of contraction and pull out of the mainstream way setting material, so its reliability. By using small taper, increase the roughness of the cone to be improved. If the parts center hole is bigger, can turn into tapered rod head, open cold slug well in their head.

distributary channel turning point should with circular arc transition, the joint of distributary channel and gate should be processed into bevel, and circular arc transition, to facilitate the flowing of plastics melt and filling. When stamping shape, size, and at the same time, the distribution of the cross-sectional area and length should be equal, the distributary channel length should be consistent, and try to short. Balanced arrangement of distributary channel can satisfy this requirement. When a mold and molding a few different shape, size, or quality of parts, calculate and determine the related parameters by balance, make each distributary channel cross-sectional area and length should be adapted to various parts.

no bar at the bottom of the cold slug well with vertical parting surface injection mold, cold slug well placed in the center of the left and right half line. Around the cavity profile in separate, parts and port setting out at the same time, don't need to set the bar at the bottom of the cold slug well. Distributary channel cold slug well when shunt way is longer, the distributary channel can be extended along the material flow direction, the end of a shunt way cold slug well, with cold storage forward, its length is 1 the diameter of the shunt way. 5 - 2 times.

distributary channel design of distributary channel is the mainstream way between the gate and channel. Multi-cavity mold must set the distributary channel, large parts due to the use of gate feed more, so also need to set the distributary channel. Distributary channel for melt flow resistance as small as possible. In ensure adequate injection pressure make the plastic melt smoothly under the premise of full of cavity, distributary channel cross-sectional area and length of little value as far as possible, especially for small parts.

for the mainstream way cold slug well, open mode should be the mainstream way of condensation is expected to pull out, so the cold slug well diameter should be slightly larger than the mainstream way big end diameter. With a push rod at the bottom of the cold slug well includes a push rod, at the bottom of the push rod in a push rod fixed plate, so it is often a laparoscope, usually connected to a demoulding mechanism with push rod or pipe and so on, common shapes are Z, to conical, grooved. The Z cold slug well easy pull rod will be the mainstream way setting material. For toughness good parts, appropriate USES inverted cone or lateral concave pull the mainstream way setting material, when it is launched, injection molding processing plant parts and port setting material can automatically fall.

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