CSSSLD plastic product factory specialized in plastic injection, a professional plastic extrusion manufacturer and plastic injection factory since 1997.

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Who to pay the freight of upvc extrusions sample?
For routine upvc extrusions goods, samples are free but you may bear the state cost. So a state account, for example, DHL or FEDEX is required. We eager for your comprehension that we've got a lot of samples to ship daily. If all of the cargo is borne by us, then the price will be quite significant. To state our sincerity, the cargo of the sample is going to likely be offset when the order is set, which will be equal to free shipping and free delivery.

Changshu shunda plastic products factory is the manufacturer of the nbr gasket. The cornerstone of our success is our deep industry experience and expertise. CSSSLD's plastic injection series contains multiple sub-products. The product has the most significant advantage of long lifespan when compared to traditional lighting. It delivers a lifetime of up to 15,000 hours. It features imperviousness to attack by bacteria or micro-organisms. The product is super easy to clean. People only need to clean it with a brush after used for a certain time. It will be carefully packaged with a PE, carton, woven, or customized bag.

CSSSLD enjoys a good reputation among the Plastic ventilation ductwork market. Please contact us!
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